What distro are you running?

Really like the background and it reciprocates with the visual layout.

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Super sweet! good job!

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The computer I just bought i have switched from Ubuntu to Dat Linux. I am taking a data analytics course and so far it is working well. I switched my old computer as well to Dat Linux. It is a customized Lubuntu 22.04.


Currently trying out Ubuntu 22.10 with GNOME.

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I bounced around a lot in the past few years. But I’ve finally settled on Pop 22.04 as my daily driver. Only a few weeks in, but I’ve had zero issues so far.

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I’m interested in how that goes, it’s useful hearing people’s experiences when it comes to people asking for recommendations.

I started 2023 by trying some distros I never did before and two stuck since then. They’re both daily drivers as I can’t decide between them :sweat_smile:
Nobara has a sleek Gnome which in general is my preferred desktop (it suits me better :man_shrugging:). It has nice features like web apps, it’s gaming ready…
But Endeavour with the Budgie desktop has nice features as well and has a more customizable desktop.
So I switch to one or the other according what I want to do or the mood of the day :innocent:

Still using fedora 37 everywhere. I give 36 10/10 but 37 gets 8/10 the new system tray is not as usable with the old ones with the extensions I used to run.

I distro hopped for 5+ years. Finally landed on Linux Mint last year and havent looked back.

Ubuntu 23.10 and I’m pleasantly surprised. I boot from OpenZFS and this implementation solves one problem “booting” instead of all problems vaguely related to booting and updates. The system also seems to be faster.

The incremental backup of OpenZFS over a 1 Gbps Ethernet connection is surely much faster. The incremental backup of 1.4TB of data and VMs on ZFS went from 1 to 2 hours to 10 minutes. In the past the transfer to the backup server did run at crazy speeds from 100MB/s to KB/s to 0B/s during say ~10 seconds. Now it constantly runs at ~90MB/s, plus or minus 20MB/s

  1. SpiralLinux Cinnamon (https://spirallinux.github.io/);
  2. Using for 5 days (don’t laugh, but that is almost a record for me);
  3. Hope so! (but KDE Neon 6 will be tempting).

A distrohopper dual-booting with Windows 11 on only one possible SSD.

Fedora 38, since 34.

I plan to stay on Fedora, I like the dnf tooling, it is very similar to opensuse.

I would like to share some wallpapers here from MX Linux, Mint and another system as well.

MX Linux 19 (wildflower) has a beautiful duck wallpaper, and if there are any waterfowl hunters or consumers, it is delicious meat.

Deer too!

I think it is great to see wildlife as a default wallpaper.

MX Linux 19 Wildflower

Next, I would like to show some Hawaii wallpapers from Linux Mint, in light of recent events there:

Linux Mint 17.1 qiana

Linux Mint 19 Tara

LM 19.2 Tina

LM 19.3 Tricia

It is nice to see such beautiful images of our earth, and I think its beauty being shown in this artform can encourage us to take better care of this rock. So, I love it when people get introduced to Linux Mint, they are greeted by these wallpapers of real places, worthy of protecting and preserving.

If anyone wants the full Linux Mint wallpaper archive: GitHub - rt2yrru/linux_mint_wallpaper: all linux mint wallpapers from beginning to current

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I’m still running NixOS after all these years. It hasn’t let me down when I upgrade even once.

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Impressive! :star_struck:

Have seen it around but never dropped by to try it out yet.

Gosh, hate to be a distro-hopper.

Gosh, some of these wallpapers really bring you to contemplation!

What do you find you like best about OpenSUSE Tumbleweed?

A couple of years later and I’m still rocking Garuda on all of my desktops/laptops.

After the Redhat/CentOS fiasco, I moved to Debian on all of my servers and couldn’t be happier.

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More or less the same. Debian, Mageia and Slackware.

Id’ like toknow what experience does having more than 1 distribution of Linux offer? Especially for Home/Desktop Linux. Just like DistroHopping, I don’t get it. It’s a nightmare to have to manage I’d imagine.

Depends on use case and points of interest I suppose. I did a lot of distro hopping but it was part of learning linux. Now I don’t change much and have three distributions installed (which is overkill I know). I switch from one to another according mood as I can’t decide which one to keep :sweat_smile:
No work is done on my laptop so it’s not inconvenient to test some stuff. Many things I need are on the NAS so apart from services to set up, changing distro is not that long

On the topic :

  • Garuda Dragonized
  • Ubuntu Budgie
  • Zorin