What distro are you running?

  1. What distro are you running?
  2. How long have you been using it?
  3. Do you plan to stick with it?

I’ve been on Manjaro Plasma since December 2018. It has been running super solid on my main machine, so I have no plans to hope anytime soon. I was having issues with it on my laptop (Nvidia bumblebee graphics) so I have the super solid Kubuntu on it. I’d like to get Manjaro back on that system, we’ll see when I have time to do it.

  1. Currently running Kubuntu.
  2. Have been for the last year. Before that I was running Solus GNOME for a year, and OpenSUSE for 4.5 years before that.
  3. Very likely. Although I have been tempted by something GNOME based like Pop!_OS, any time I boot into my Plasma setup I immediately fall in love with it again.

I’ve been using Kubuntu 19.04 for about six months on the desktop and laptop. No plans to move to another distro for the immediate future.

  1. Currently running Pop!_os
  2. Running it for about 4 months
  3. I plan to stay here, I multi-boot with Manjaro, Endevour, Elementary, Kubuntu 19.04, Ubuntu 19.10, and MX Linux. I find myself in Pop at least 90% of the time, so I feel like it must be cause I like it.
  1. Ubuntu 19.04. I’ve been using Ubuntu more or less since 2011
  2. I keep trying other distros here and there, but I always come back to Ubuntu.
  3. I’m really tempted by PopOS and there are some things about Arch that I like, but I’ll have to play around in VMs before I switch my main Linux machine.

I am running openSUSE Tumbleweed primarily, openSUSE Leap on some machines I support and MX Linux. I have been using openSUSE as my primary distribution since 2011 and I am a contributing member of the project. I have also started helping with documentation on MX Linux because I really believe in the goals of that project

Although there are numerous fantastic distributions out there, I can’t see me switching away from either distribution. They seem to continually fit my purposes quite nicely. On top of that, they are both, in their own way, hosts to fantastically helpful communities.


KDE is love, KDE is life.

Usually stick with the latest version of kubuntu but I dabble in other stuff. Tried Manjaro XFCE recently and while it looked really nice for XFCE I was running into enough issues that I just wiped it out. I don’t really have the time to mess with that stuff these days.


MX Linux on multiple PCs for about a year now, will not be switching away from MX cos its just so awesome.

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I use primarily Kubuntu or Arch. I dual boot and switch between them regularly. Kubuntu is my go to KDE Plasma distro and I primarily run Cinnamon on Arch. Unless something big changes in the Linux landscape I can’t see moving away from this setup.


Currently I’m trying out Manjaro again, though I tend to stick to Ubuntu which is what I’ve been using since around 2008. I either use MATE or GNOME but Plasma has been calling my name lately.

  1. I am running the desiccated corpse of Antergos KDE (which now is supposedly just Arch, or so I’ve been told)
  2. First installed it in January of 2018
  3. I plan to hang onto this installation until I bork my system so bad it can’t be recovered. Then, maybe I’ll move on to EndeavorOS or Namib or something…

When I finally made the decision to put Linux on bare metal and ditch Windows, I went through a months-long period in which I tried nearly a hundred distros. I had a number of them on my short list, including Antergos, Manjaro, KaOS and even Sabayon, but as time went on, Antergos floated to the top. When I heard Quidsup name it his “distro of the year,” I finally bit the bullet, installed it, and never looked back.

  1. Main laptop is running Open Suse tumbleweed (KDE). Suse I was my first distro back in 2007.
  2. Old laptop running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. (Unity). It’s on the laptop for 2 years now.
  3. Office laptop running Ubuntu 19.04. (GNOME). Upgrade as soon as new Ubuntu comes out.
  4. Old NUC running Ubuntu MATE 18.04. Around 3 years upgraded from old Ubuntu.

Of all those choices on your machine, what keeps bringing you back to POP!

  1. I run both Kubuntu and Fedora KDE.
  2. Been running them for roughly 5 years now.
  3. Depends - if bug 395632 is fixed I’ll stick with KDE.
  1. K/L/Ubuntu on desktops/laptops and Raspian on Pi
  2. Since 2005
  3. Definitely

I am currently running MX Linux Beta 2.1 and Drauger OS on another partition


Peppermint OS 9 on my main machine. On my Laptops, I make my own Debian live-build iso’s with a Chrome OS look/function/theme. Also use Arch based distros on my older machines. I like the minimal desktops such as Openbox, but do create standalone WM/desktop environments with Compiz, Xfwm4, since linux components are modular. I like to make and configure my desktops from the ground up, to be efficient and without bloat.


Been distro hopping for 10 years. Landed on Zorin OS 15 Ultimate about a month ago and love it.
It’s solid and beautifully simple. My Windows machine is collecting dust as it should be. No going back.


On my desktop I run EndeavorOS and on my laptop I run pure Arch. On my Pi’s I run Raspbian though, because it makes it far easier to configure.

Hi. Endeavour OS.

I started flirting with RedHat in 1999; the red box from compUSA. Then awhile after that the green Suse box also compUSA. Yellow Dog Linux after that on a PPC. They didn’t really work very well for me.

Fast forward 20 years and a lot of linux installs later, just to check out the state of the desktop, I’ve got a brand new Ryzen 3600 with a nvme drive with Endeavour OS. Recently I’ve had a arch plasma install, and Ubuntu Mate for 2 years.

I really don’t like Windows! I’m in the process of moving my /home directories from arch/unbuntu to my new Endeavour OS install, and cleaning/backing up and deleting the Windows on metal. I’m just so amazed at how much time and work it all takes.