232: Interview with Dr Gerald Pfeifer, CTO at SUSE and openSUSE chair



This is a chart of my count (up to the last post: Jun 17, 2021) being careful of the many duplicates, nuances and honoring when users repost to say they’ve moved to different distro(s).


#	OS
32	Manjaro
27	Ubuntu
22	Debian
22	Pop!_OS
21	Arch
21	Fedora
17	Kubuntu
14	Linux Mint
11	MX Linux
10	EndeavourOS
10	OpenSUSE
8	ArcoLinux
8	Xubuntu
5	CentOS
5	Raspbian
4	Elementary OS
4	Peppermint OS
4	SparkyLinux
4	Ubuntu Server
4	Zorin OS
3	Solus
2	Fedora Silverblue
2	KDE Neon
1	Anarchy
1	Antergos
1	antiX
1	ArchLabs
1	Artix Linux
1	Chrome OS
1	Kali Linux
1	Linux Lite
1	Lubuntu
1	Mageia
1	NixOS
1	Parabola GNU/Linux-libre
1	Regolith
1	SolydXK
1	Void Linux

That’s a lot of work, really interesting to see. Thanks for posting!


Proof that contrary to long-standing rumours, computer scientists can count :wink:

Thanks for this - it’s very useful. I’m cheering for Debian, not that I’m a fanboy or anything :wink:


Wow. Respect.


Community poll here:

Thanks, everyone - very informative and entertaining, as ever :slight_smile:

Gerald was so inspiring last time he was on too, so it was great to see him back with cool updates on Suse. I wonder if such frequent updates means Tumbleweed’s even better suited to latest harder than Fedora? In any case, I definitely agree that keeping the word out on Suse could benefit the community as they’re clearly doing so-much for everyone!

NVidia - finally, thank you thank you thank you - I’m not a fan, but we’ve so been needing this in the community!

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