How can the forum be improved?

An open ongoing discussion about how the forum can be improved. I’ll do my best within the scope of what i’m able to do.

Bring your criticism.

I enjoy the forum, and the wide variety of posts and interests! I do wish there was a category for ANS, there’s sometimes I’ll listen to something and think of a question midshow but forget to ask about it later.

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The only gripe I have with the forum is that there seems to be an issue uploading screenshots over 500kb, which halted me on a Blender post I wanted to do and other post…

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I have no complaints to be honest other than that the forums were slow sometimes in the past for whatever reason.


Nothing to add here. It’s good the way it is. If there’s anything i think of, i’ll post it, but for now, it’s all good.


You can hotlink images into posts over https. If you have access to a server it could be a workaround.


My issue is finding threads after they’re removed from my “unread” and “new” list in the menu. Old threads that have new replies don’t show up under “latest” because thats sorted by date of creation not most recent reply. And if a thread has a lot of words common to a Linux forum its hard to search as well.

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What does ANS stand for?

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Strange… Latest shows me the latest replies whatever the creation of the thread. Maybe it’s a setting in discourse ?

Ask Noah Show

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The upload limit appears to be 4MB by default.


Despite that the largest image I can upload is 505kb (as a test user and under my main account)

I ran a test upload of 600kb and it hung at [Processing: megaduck-600kb.jpg...]()

More importantly there was no “Uploading” bar at the bottom, no errors in JS console or Network activity so I think something else is borking up the process and it’s probably? on the client-side.

It may be a tricky one to nail down.


Ask Noah Show used to be posted but they were creating confusion because Noah uses his own platform for his audience and doesn’t use the forum.

As for adding ANS now, please see the following thread:

Could be user error as well…

On my test and main accounts i’m seeing “Latest” column ordered by Activity time. Any chance you could confirm it’s the same for you using this link?

Just need to figure out a steps-to-reproduce.

Personally, I’d like to see more interactivity. The content creators are doing an excellent job, but with COVID still lingering, there’s a complete lack, at least in my area, of LUG activity.

I’d love to see a monthly “LUGFEST” here, or maybe some regional online activity.

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If you host it i’ll be there.

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I’m afraid I don’t have the personality for it. I’m introverted and, usually, don’t like to talk much. Although, I try to hide my introversion as much as possible.

You could look at the new structure applied to the Fedora Discussion site (that’s a discourse instance as well)

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I think you’d be surprised by how many people who’d follow you. I’ve never been to a LUG but I think it’s just about being around people you like for X minutes/hours with the topic being Linux, I don’t think anyone needs to say anything but in that environment things tend to come up.

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Good point