Where did Noah go?

Oh, i just noticed his name has been dropped from the hosts :confused: -i thought he was busy doing other things but looks like he’s gone for good?

I love his Linux passion in any case!


I reached out and the answer to that is:

“Noah will no longer be participating in the weekly show as he focuses on his own show and endeavors. We look forward to continued collaborations with Noah as a future guest and as events occur where we can all benefit the Linux community working together”


I don’t want to pile on, but what ever happened to Bo Weaver’s segment ? That was a treasure trove of knowledge. Would love to see if he can comment on log4J


The message that Ulfnic shared is accurate. It was just time for us to part ways when it comes to regular appearances. It was amicable and we are still planning to collaborate just not on a weekly basis.

As for the question about Bo, Bo hasn’t been available to be on the show. As soon as we can have Bo back on we most certainly will. :smiley:


@Heidi, welcome to the forum. In the world of Linux content creators, regularly featured hosts come and go as a matter of fact. We were fortunate to have Noah in iterations 5 through 7.

Noah Chilliah is a talented and articulate contributor to many of the hours that make up my linux-podcasting-listening month. I catch him on Destination Linux and The Ask Noah Show weekly. This level of creation is demanding on the time and schedule of every individual who chooses to make our world richer at the expense of their contribution. Noah has a family, a business, employees, customers, and church that gets his attention on a regular basis. He is a solid individual who has expressed his Christ-likeness in the everyday market place. (Rumor has it that he even has a personal life as well). The fact that I was privileged to share in his wealth of information is counted as a true blessing in my life.

I recognize that the commitment to GRIND this endeavor out from week to week is no easy task. My hat (and No, Noah – it’s not a Fedora) is off to Michael, Ryan, Noah, Jill, Wendy, Eric, Matt, Nate, and Brandon for pulling off these podcasts each week. We are the beneficiaries of their dedicated efforts. Have you all noticed the level of excellence that is achieved by each of these content creators each week? Phenomenal!

Thank you Noah Chilliah for moving the Linux Desktop closer to universal adaptation. Thank you Destination Linux for making it possible that Noah could be part of your endeavor for these many demanding shows. I am fully confident that Noah will continue to propagate open source solutions to solve the technical problems that we all face. Likewise I am certain that the Destination Linux Network will continue to highlight and showcase solid individuals like Noah Chilliah to carry the Linux torch.

Keep up the great work. I’m looking forward to iteration 8.


I’ve been keeping in communication with Bo. He’s had some health issues that he’s been going through. As of last week he is doing much better and we’re both anxious to have him back on DL soon. So don’t worry, Bo will make his epic return =)


Really hate to see Noah go and I hope to see Bo back on the show soon.


That all makes sense, and I know Noah wants to do a more long format show digging into deeper topics and interviews, but obviously that takes a lot of prep and so s’ok. I was listening to AskNoah long before I was Destination Linux, and in fact I was listening to TWiL before DL. So to me, it is all part of the same extended family, all birthing from JB and LAS inspiration.

Don’t worry so long as they have RSS feeds and are still posing I will be trying to keep up., though it is getting harder as time goes on, as there are only so many hours in a day :wink:


Oho. I forgot all about that… JB and LAS. I remember the days when Chris Fisher and Noah did a show together.
Nowadays i don’t listen as much to JB as i used to. Oh well, i’m getting older as well… :wink:

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Well, I don’t either… I mean, I have been listening more since they went independent again, but I do miss the video shows though. I understand that doing video when Chris is very much in a mobile broadcast capacity is not easy. Still, I quite like LAN and LUP and Coder Radio. Those are the ones I listen to most. They complement DL shows nicely I feel

Self Hosted is hit and miss for me and to be honest I prefer Ask Noah for those sorts of home automation solutions as they are less enthusiast and more tested and robust.

All in all, though, I do feel spoilt with options in some respects. All of the DL team do shows in their own right and so that is really quite a number of shows to digest and follow.


What-EVER! You can’t fool me! Noah has been, and currently continues to be, locked securely in his own garage, held hostage by the Michael-A.I…

(But I appreciate everyone covering for him.) :stuck_out_tongue:

As soon as he figures out the root password to Michael-A.I. (HINT: “I leave you neither sitting, nor standing. What am I?”) he will be able to break out and get back on the show. :stuck_out_tongue:

But just in case you aren’t kidding us with such a fantastical cover-up, and he really ISN’T locked inside his own garage, held hostage by a rouge KDE setting of some sort… It’s been awesome to enjoy his input for all of these episodes, and we look forward to @kernellinux popping in on the podcast when time allows.


Do not tell me. I am months behind. DL is too fast. I cannot really participate in the discussions because I am somewhere in August but I love it. Every breakfast I can put a DL show on and enjoy my eggs etc.

I do not even know if I am able to travel back to the future anytime soon. :laughing:


Well FWIW I try not to let things age too much and if they do, I will just count them as missed. But some podcasts that are effectively stand-alone stand a much better chance of me going back and watching them FLOSS Weekly, for example. Hackaday Podcast etc. These I can listen to weeks or even months after and still derive enjoyment and be informed by them.

It is not easy, though, and I do feel myself being pulled thin in places.


Are we also now missing regular updates from The Week Linux?

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I don’t know but some people take vacation during the Christmas season, that’d be my guess.

It’d be partial vacation though because he’s also on Hardware Addicts, DL, does the editing, he’s hosted impromptu live streams for patrons and manages the network.


fun fact about that, I was also a producer at JB for LAS and LUP before I went independent. :smiley:


keeping up with all the content can be difficult for sure. I started consuming as much as possible at 2x speed or faster to try to win the never ending battle of too much content. :slight_smile:

I took a break from TWIL due to health reasons and I made it longer due to Christmas. I announced it in a few places but I should have announced in on the RSS Feed itself, sorry about that.

TWIL is back as of this week though. :smiley:


Glad to hear that TWIL is back! Sorry for my butchering the title in the earlier post.


All of the hosts are fantastic, so a loss of any, even on a per-episode basis, is felt, I find.

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Haven’t seen him on the last few Podcasts. Any explanation would be appreciated.

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Noah stepped down from the show, it was announced a few episodes ago. He continues to do the Ask Noah show and continues other work.