Suggestions: host all show notes and episode annoucements from the forum to embed in TuxDigital and

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Suggestion related to 63: 3D Printers Are Printing Our Way To The Future

My suggestion is to create topics for podcast episodes right here on the forum instead of Tuxdigital. I realize that is not what has been setup, but hear me out @MichaelTunnell

  1. Post about new episodes created on
  2. Each episode mentions:

You can simplify all of this into a single action by embedding topics from the forum (to tuxdigital and

Now you won’t have to deal with all of these steps, plus the topics on the forum will serve a more literal purpose.

Worth at least considering. Cheers!

That’s pretty cool! I’ve heard of using discuss and commento but using discourse is a really cool idea. I guess it might turn some people off though that you have to navigate away from the main site to participate though.

The forum is already connected to, for example Hardware Addicts 63 is at 63: 3D Printers Are Printing Our Way To The Future

When someone comments on that thread the comment will be integrated into the post provided it meets criteria to be on the site as a comment.

With that said, this thread has made me realize that I need to make some adjustments to make it more clear that the forum is connected and how to participate with the forum comments.

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The intention is for everything to be interconnected and seamless. :heart:

Are you having to manually post each and every new episode as a topic by hand on the forum?