Free Geek & DLN Charity Drive! (DLN Gives Back)

We are excited to announce the first ever DLN Gives Back charity drive and for this we are partnering with Free Geek!

When we first launched the Destination Linux Network, we announced that we wanted to partner with our growing community to find ways we could give back. So we put up a post here on the forum and asked you, the community, to provide us feedback on the charities you would like for us to work with. Free Geek was highly recommended by many of you and we’re so excited to partner with them and launch our first giving back campaign.

Free Geek’s mission is to sustainably reuse technology and enable digital access and education to the community. The best part is they have many ways for everyone to get involved.

To kick off the partnership we asked Hilary Shohoney from Free Geek to join us on Episode 151 of DL for an interview to discuss Free Geek to introduce it to people who hadn’t heard of it before. Hilary is Free Geek’s Manager of Development and manages the relationships between Free Geek and the local community working on issues like the digital divide.

Learn more about the DLN Gives Back charity drive with Free Geek by going to Free Geek & DLN Charity Drive | Destination Linux Network


I have quite a few machines I can donate - I’ll have to follow up and see about sending them a laptop or 5…


Do you have any partners in the UK? I have quite a few SFF PC’s, Printers, switches etc that currently gathering dust. I would love to see them recycled or given away to someone who needs them.


Thank you for making me aware of this organization. I’ve made a donation.


Thank you so much for supporting FreeGeek!


Also please see

Zeb’s Madness


Gutted to have missed this! if you do another one Zeb i would be happy to help with anything if needed.

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Thank you for your kind offer. Not gonna happen as a 24Hr thing any time soon - lol it was extremely hard the last two hours.

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I bet it did! well done for doing it! i hope it helps Free Geek out!

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What was the final tally on donations for the live stream - couldn’t watch much of it (work day for me) but poked my head in and donated!

$1500 during the stream and some hardware we are not aware of yet and some peeps donated directly too. I am so grateful to everyone.


Thank you for partnering with Free Geek! This cause hit close to home for me. I wish this type of support was around when I was growing up.

Free Geek addresses the biggest issues in our technical world: education, access, and waste. I am glad to see the DLN community support this charity and I am thankful for DLN to bringing this to my attention. Maybe we can follow this up with a community supported and possibly crafted legislation that we can push in our states and eventually on a national level (in regards to the United States as for other areas, I am not sure what the process would be).

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Also wondered about a free geek style programme in the uk. Would be interested in helping out with this sort of thing and the digital divide.