24 Hour Charity Live Stream

On Friday 27th December starting at 6am UK time - I will be starting a 24 Hr Live stream playing American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator for Charity. It will be a mixture of normal’ish driving as ATS and ETS limit me to 65MPH during their Christmas event but I will be getting back into the 500000HP truck and the Gnabbist special 10000HP truck for some real Caravan Conkers from time to time.

The Charity will be the DLN + Free Geek where together we Bridge the Digital Divide.

DLN + Free Geek

All donations to be made Directly to Free Geek please and if you like, return here and make a post letting us know you donated. You don’t have to say how much just that you have.

Please help DLN support this worthy cause and have fun in the meantime watching me wreak Havoc amongst the highways of the US and Europe.

I will need your moral support and some occasional short breaks to stretch and take refreshments to keep me going throughout the stream.

Of course all played on Peppermint OS