Destination Linux Network Gives Back

As a part of the launch of Destination Linux Network, we want to give back! Suggest your favorite charity here and we will be picking ones to sponsor as a community. If your charity doesn’t get picked initially, do not fear as we will be changing up the charities throughout the year.

While there are many great causes to support in the world today; we’re looking for charities that offer ways for the community to donate in a multitude of capacities. Charities that provide a range of options for volunteer work, monetary donations, hardware donations, artwork, etc. This will allow everyone in the community to have an opportunity to get involved.

In general we’re seeking charities relating to open source, security, privacy, digital divide, technology education, and Linux in general.


FSF as much as RMS can seem extreme, he always stays true.

FSF, I guess, given somewhat what was said above.

If I may, I would be in favor of donating to KDE

Donating to them would give to not only the Plasma desktop but also things like Kdenlive, KDE Connect and a host of other applications within the KDE Fold.


Do EFF and DuckDuckGo count as a charities?

Not sure about DuckDuckGo, but EFF would probably count. Only issue I have with EFF is that they take in an awful lot of corporate dollars. Which might be okay, but they’ve had cases where they defended those same corporations (google, facebook, Cable ISPs) while railing against the govt for the same thing. I guess their focus is anti-govt with corp backing… Enemy of my Enemy I guess??

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Might I suggest a charity that gets computers and internet to the needy? For children, families, adults with disabilities, elderly etc…


Absolutely! Do you have a specific suggestion for that?

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Not sure whats out for charities , but for charities, I will do some research into possibilities.

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Second support for KDE :+1:


I’m surprised that nobody has mentioned Freegeek, which pretty much ticks all of the boxes:

They are big into Linux, Open Source, and re-using and recycling old hardware. It’s worth a pilgrimage, if you’ve never gone. I’ve personally visited the one in Portland, Oregon, USA, and volunteered my time there too.

Here’s a “Linus Tech Tips” vid about Freegeek Vancouver:

The part where Linus finds the Depeche Mode cassette inside the robot made me laugh really hard.

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The EFF. They fight for people’s privacy and free speech, day in and day out without most people knowing they even exist…

My vote is for FSF or EFF!

My vote goes to FSF.

Reglue is an Austin, Texas, USA charity breathes new life into old computers by loading GNU/Linux on them and then gives the computers to needy kids.

The good:

  • helps school kids
  • creates new freedom loving users
  • keeps perfectly-usable computers from going to a landfill
  • teaches classes to kids on how to use Free/Libre Software

I saw the leader, Ken Starks, of this charity ‘speak’ at LibrePlanet in Boston a few years back and his presentation has stayed with me ever since!

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I would also suggest FSF or EFF.

Might I suggest offering assistance for the Linux App Summit 2019(LAS)?
See Article

Great Idea by the way, and kudos to you for putting this together…

Software Freedom Law Center

With the continued attacks on free and open software by corporate entities I would love to see the Software Freedom Law Center get some more love from the community.

While they aren’t the only group with their cause, they’ve been around for 15+ years and continually help projects navigate tricky waters.

— my 2¢

I agree is an amazing charity and giving back to to a community, teaching kid no only about Linux but also how to use it , and helping bridge the digital divided, that to me that is everything we want all rolled one giant ball. I would really recommend that everyone check out their site.