Flash is dead, what else would you EOL if you could? What are your top N computer technologies that you wish would just die already?

Here’s my list:

  • UEFI. Plenty of other very sensible booting technologies exist, like Libreboot, U-boot, etc. You can even set a jumper to choose which boot device you want to boot from. There’s your non-insane “secure boot”! A jumper! Thank you so much, Raspberry Pi people! I’ve wanted that for a long time now.
  • SVGA connectors
  • Any support for the 486 and 386. I applaud the Linux kernel chopping it off, under the 586.. I sure wouldn’t miss any of those other exotic kinds of CPU that are also proposed for the chopping block.
  • Any 32-bit Intel architecture anything. 64bit is not asking for the moon any more. You know that favorite 32bit game you still want to keep playing? Well, if you can’t get it to run in an emulator, there are 100 games out there you’ve never played before, for every game you feel as though you’ve lost.
  • Viber
  • Line Instant Messenger
  1. Google
  2. Facebook
  3. Twitter
  4. Any connector that has to be put in a certain way… HTML, DisplayPort, USB
  5. Chrome
  6. Safari
  7. Internet Exploder
  8. The 2 party system in the U.S.
  1. M1 :stuck_out_tongue:
  2. DMS-10 & DMS-100
  3. M6
  4. iOS
  5. UEFI (I totally agree!!!)
  6. Static IP addresses
  7. Gig+ updates to newly-released console games. (Technically, these qualify as computers, right?)

I think that one is quite a ways away from End-Of-Life. :thinking:

I beg to differ here.
I would say that I’m also sick and tired of Dynamic IP addresses. And Dynamic DNS. And port forwarding.

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  1. HTML? I guess you mean HDMI.

  2. Chrome. As long as Chromium based browsers are the only ones supplying a descent WebMIDI support, I strongly disagree!

I just wish all distros would have better installing options
SELECT A BROWSER (damn sho not FireFarce)

Installing would initially be a lot faster and the immediate update recommended would be too

  • USB A. It never inserts right on the first time, it doesn’t carry much power, and it’s bulkier than C.
  • Proprietary internet video codecs
  • Much as I hate to admit it, S/PDIF fiber audio jacks. They’re a neat idea for the nerdy but they really don’t offer much of anything a standard audio jack doesn’t (aside perhaps from EM resistance)

HDMI? My Raspberry Pi will be sad.

My post was a reply on eastcoastweb (see numbering).

And what do you mean with: ‘my RPi will be sad’?
Could you please explain? I don’t understand… (as all RPi’s have HDMI.)

Totally agree. (twiddles thumbs…) So like when is AV1 ever going to be a thing?

Really? I currently have lots of peripherals which still use this, and I don’t want to have to buy new ones any time soon.

And that’s the main problem with that kind of tech. I agree with FriarDest but I’m in the same position as you where I should then buy new peripherals. I guess it will come in time when we gradually change our gear.

The question I was trying to ask was this: what older technologies are so old, and burdensome to still have around in a “legacy” sort of way (from a software maintenance point of view), that we should get rid of them (and only a small minority will grumble, but for the greater good, we should ignore them). What technologies create more harm than good, such that we would all benefit to get rid of them, without undue suffering on the great majority of people (who have easy-enough alternatives to turn to)?

I was just quoting the HDMI part because my Pi is connected to my TV via HDMI. :wink:

@esbeeb is right. The discussion should be about older technologies.

Can we count ‘dongles’ as a technology I’d LOVE to see go away?!?! :stuck_out_tongue:

When I see how better the connection is compared to bluetooth for my mouse and keyboard I’m not so sure about that :thinking:

Yes, I’m going to soon be getting a USB wired mouse on purpose. To replace a wireless mouse. Yes, I know, sacrilege! I’m tired of using up AA batteries, when I don’t need to, plus the new mouse is bigger and more comfortable.

Highly recommend BLACKUBE USB rechargeable AA batteries. Depending on the mouse they last for weeks and I just hot swap them when they run out. Going with a USB mouse is better security though.


You know what a realistic replacement of UEFI could be (albeit it’s limited to booting one OS)? Ironically, the other (firmware-flashing) mechanism which sets up booting which Microsoft invented (which is used in the new Raspberry Pi Pico), called UF2.

IPv4. It would require nothing short of magic, but IPv6 is just plain better.