226: Kdenlive Interview Plus Which Technologies We Think Should Go Away?

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Thanks everyone - I think this episode will go-down as one of my all-time favourites – so joke of the week – @dasgeek 's matching @jill_linuxgirl personality to the (Anaconda?) game storyline :joy:

Massimo and the good folk like him, I find utterly inspiring - passionate commitment to an excellent product, from infancy to maturity, and not driven primarily by profit, though of course we all need to earn a living. Since I have been using Plasma I’ve been incredibly impressed with the quality of both the desktop and its applications (and here’s a bit of synchronicity for you - used KDEnlive to edit a home video for the first time only yesterday)! I am so pleased to hear about refactoring efforts. As a software engineer, I am well aware of how legacy code that may have been built incrementally over years could become very hard to understand, and then hard to maintain, for example when needing new features. The configurability of KDE products suggests robust internal design and were it not for just a few jitters regarding Qt right now, I’d certainly be looking at how I might be able to fit-in as a developer for one of their applications when able :+1:

With EOL - my first thought goes to Windoze, though maybe that goes without saying :wink: Besides that, UEFI, certainly, from the number of problems its created for me in more recent machines. I have to say though, aren’t the space stations using 386 devices? I think that makes a case for sustaining Linux support in that realm, if nothing else?

When my circumstances improve I’m certainly looking forward to some of the DLN merchandise. I have to say, that water bottle has me drooling :wink:


I’m late to the party (been away for a while), but thank you for featuring my topic, @MichaelTunnell

Thanks for your agreement, @jill_linuxgirl , about UEFI being something you’d like to see vanish.