DLN Xtend - Episode 13

DLN Xtend - Episode 13

Welcome to episode 13 of DLN Xtend. In the weekly update segment, Nate fixes his robot vacuum. Eric talks about his latest YouTube videos, including video trimming tools and a new episode the LibreOffice Calc series with Serge.

Our community focus this week is a topic from the Destination Linux Network Discourse forum about laptop brands that support Linux.

Nate and Eric discuss wanting a Linux-based tablet.

DLN recently held their second game night.

Destination Linux discussed Linux User Groups (LUGs) and we discuss what it takes to get started.

Destination Linux also interviewed Hayden Barnes of Canonical’s WSL team. The DL crew asked some tough questions and we go into how Hayden seems to have swayed their opinions on Microsoft’s recent “love” for Linux.

And last for this week, Jason Evangehlo of Linux for Everyone, Jason interviewed Dustin Krysak of Ubuntu Budgie and we discuss the nature for FOSS and how we can be appreciative and give back.

That’s all for this week. Be sure to stop by DLN’s Discourse, Telegram, Mumble and Discord servers to continue the discussion. More information about this show and other Destination Linux Network shows and creators (like Eric and Nate for example) is available at destinationlinux.network.

Until next time, see yas!


Thank you both :slight_smile: While listening to this episode I hopped onto your youtube page @EricAdams and took a preview of your video-cutting tutorial. I don’t really do video editing but I can completely understand how a simple cutting tool for rough-cuts could save time. I also looked-up videos of Descent because the name rang a bell from a long time ago but as I’m not a big gamer I didn’t really know about it; even more intriguing is that it’s source has been opened, which is fantastic. Looks similar to the original Doom but without the gore (at least in the video I saw) - pretty good, though Elite (C64) is still my favourite game of all time!

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