Why did my post got blocked

I would like explanation why my post got blocked I was only apologizing and explaining my actions.

I hope I get response on this or I will go on reddit next, cause “hiding” the post is wrong I have lot of friends who will be happy to re post if needed (in case posts) gets removed by “error” again.
I spoke to Michael yesterday he said:
MichaelTunnell said in element / RiotIM
I don’t think discussions about when a distro was started merits removal from the community by the way
I will provide a comment on it though, openSUSE used to be called SUSE Linux before it was renamed to that so saying they used it before the official name change is valid even if not literally accurate
why is now my post blocked without explanation without anyone giving or providing info on it.

Regards, Alex

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I want to address a few things here:

  1. Your post was not blocked by us. The post was held for review systematically because it had been flagged as inappropriate. That’s how the system works.

  2. While your post itself is not in violation of any community rules, the threats of posting to Reddit due to a misunderstanding and then having others repost your same message along with making accusations are.

  3. Please refrain from escalating issues like this out of context without speaking with us first. You have many outlets of which to get a hold of us. It doesn’t appear that you attempted to contact us directly prior to making this thread.

  4. Please continue to respect other community members.

  5. The situation of which we were forced to review in it’s entirety now is not that serious of a subject and should have never escalated to this point. It’s important with everything going on in the world to take a step back and recognize that what distro someone used and when they used it, is ultimately not worth starting a battle over.


I know how discourse works 5 people have to reported the post, it happened few minutes after I posted. ok some people don’t like me, I need to be quite and play nice with other or get kicked, I got it Michael.
this will be my last post for now and will not post to avoid future problems and waste valuable time of the admins and I don’t like to cause drama and I am only doing this for the good of the community.


wishing everyone a good weekend and enjoy your time with DLN and with Linux.


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It depends on the user doing the flagging, in my time as mod i’ve seen at least three posts be hidden from a single report including yours just now.

I have no problem with you raising issues but attaching them to threats and assumptions of lying isn’t a great start.


@Ulfnic is correct and to add to that. Nothing of what I said implied that you would be kicked for any reason. You are making another accusation based on your misunderstanding of how this forum software works. We appreciate your contributions to many of the threads on this forum and at no point are you being requested to leave the forum. My response to this thread is due to the accusations stated regarding being censored which was not the case. You are welcomed to continue to participate in the forum.

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Ultimately, @AstraAdria4Ari you’ve made some great conversational threads in the past and have contributed to good discussions. I hope you stick around and continue to contribute. Next time there is a grievance the admins or Michael and myself are here to help. Let’s all just get a long and remember that single click is not as good as double click. We can all agree on that.


@MichaelTunnell @dasgeek thank you both what ever I decide will be for the good or benefit of DLN, because I value the community more then me, I will be gone someday, community will remain.

It is the weekend now and I am gaming with my friends and will be offline so … after 3 stressful work weeks without an off day … when I get back at work on Sunday will think with a clear head then.

wishing everyone a good weekend and enjoy your time with DLN and with Linux.

Regards, Alex

It’s a second time flagging system caused confusion. Perhaps we can tune it, so it requires more reports before blocking posts?


you work too much Ari, I am “telling” your girlfriend about it, you will for sure enjoy your weekend :wink:


Community Update:

Upon seeing a further escalation of this instance that is now spanning beyond DLN (while still referencing DLN) including the following,

“puffinthunder if you are member or tromjaro I will use my AI skills and find you on every post on every forum you cannot “flag me” like you did in DLN.”


It has been decided that this user will be banned from the DLN community. This harassment and threatening behavior will not be tolerated.

If you are ever harassed or threatened please notify an admin and/or Michael or Ryan immediately and it will be addressed.

Thanks for understanding.


Thank you for making this public to the community. I have no problem with anyone disagreeing with me about anything.

However, when someone threatens to “use AI skills and find you on every post on every forum” then we are clearly in the realm of harassment.

It is unfortunate that one can’t even use similar photos across forums out of fear of being attacked.

From now on, I’m going to use different photos and different usernames on every forum I sign up for to protect myself.

Thank you for handling this so professionally.

I do want to point out that @LexieSGA sent me a private message on the Manjaro forum that was very hostile in defense of the user that attacked me. I flagged that private message and the Manjaro team removed it.

I’m moving on from this now as it has been a stressful day.


Maybe it’s piling on someone who’s not there to defend himself anymore but I can’t help but support the DLN team for the way they handled it and Wendy for the weird harassment.

I just caught up with the thread where it happened and it reminded me the topic on which I was talking with him. Didn’t go that route but I’m a man and I quickly dropped the argument since it looked very difficult to debate with him…

Crazy how quick it went out the door :roll_eyes:

PS : I’m pretty sure LexieSGA is a fake account :sweat_smile: (mode tinfoil hat on)

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Hello I am Eli, I work with Alex (AstraAdriaAri) and we are friends, Lexie is our friend also :wink:
I just wanted to thank the group behind the trade manjaro spin that helped get him ban from here, manjaro and I forgot the last arch based distro he was banned from tool long with p or a something.

What is interesting is that it all happened all Linux forums did it in 15-30 minutes of each other,
and if the a.k.a. POST is real why did manjaro sayd nothing about it and removed him for the same reason, they blocked his account due to having dual accounts maybe even edited his posts (lets say for example it is true LexieSGA and Astra are dual accounts that existed on manjaro Astra account created in 2018 and Lexie 2019, it was not a problem until he mentioned that trade distro, hmmm …) yeah I remember the name of the last forum now purism they did not kick him but changed his profile to anon53532523463426432634

I am not attacking anyone I am just saying thank you I got 2 days off work, Alex is having fun on the boat at sea with his GF and the people here have successfully removed someone saying something you don’t want go read, well congrats to all and I hope you are happy, cause me Alex and Lexie.


Hi its me LexieSGA the person that doesn’t exits. Thank you for BLOCKING my account as well (even do I am sure I did not brake any rule offended anyone or what ever).

Oldschool I will quite just what a friend of yours said :

Goodbye to all I really like to be part of this but since you don’t want me good day and goodbey.


I applied few days ago and just my confirmation email yesterday, but after I saw what happened to Alex / Ari (AstraAdriaAri) I don’t want to be part of this community.

Also the team at work said I should say thank you for banning Alex, he went offline for two days and we can enjoy our weekend without thinking about coding and work.

Hello and goodbye from Ezra.

Hello I am Anna Bella part of the corporate team same compant as Lexie from South America, @LexieSGA girl you are a fake profile you are a ghost :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: just epic.
I am just eating popcorn and enjoying the “show” it is more fun then a tellenovella :smiley:
Alex probably wanted to see what Linux forum will react and how to his post about whatever that post was called trading something something linux and who will support the people and attack him.
It was fun to read but I want my weekend, IF their is a drama again will log back to check out.

cheers from Americas :wink:

+1 SAME what Ezra my friend said, don’t wanna waste more of my time here. bye.

@LexySGA you are right to quote that as it can appears to be the same. Except I would have made the same PS if you were a man. It was thought as a joke (that’s why I added tinfoil hat on) but I agree it was not the time for it. I just thought it was funny you arrived on the forum just after Alex talked lengthily about you as an example in our discussion, plus the fact you write really like him. I didn’t fact check going to other forums like eliD mentionned. It was just a silly remark and I’m sorry if a offended you.

Just to be clear, I don’t have that kind of power

And to all Alex’s friends, just read the interactions between Wendy and him on that thread and take some distance to realize it’s at least a bit creepy. Even if you think Alex has good intentions, he just arrived on a forum and starts arguing with different people, harassing then threatening ! All within a week…

look I don’t have time to go over all and I don’t care, one of the managers or community leaders (and many other former manjaro members confirmed it) in another Linux forum non of you and your friends know about, they explained all about the trading linux the members, how ti works etc etc etc, Alex just helped confirm the story and users.
From what a saw in manjaro exodus to endevours or arcolinux it is a real question if manjaro will even survive after that and many people are over the manjaro dramas that happen every few months, the free office then the company formation etc etc.

Yes he is hard to talk to,yes he is a bastard yes I don’t like him, but he is dating my friends so if they are happy I am happy for them and he is a friend by association.
He always argued with people in manjaro in purism. yeah we talk same cause he have same foreinhg languages as native language, I can say same for you and wnedyg.

So I really find one clear fact interesting: FOR example if LexieSGA and AstraAdriaAri were used by the same person why was that not a problem when Lexie joined 6 months ago, it only became a problem 15 - 30 minutes after the ban from DLN?
and IF that post was even real why a photo was shared not the post (I am sure someone will make sure to hack the account or get admin access to edit it).
And why for a post made on manjaro was he banned on DLN, and not banned for the same post on manjaro, on manjaro we were both banned dual account issue :slight_smile:
Purism since he was not posting for more then a year, just changed his name to

Look I got a mac and removed all Linux and I enjoyed and had my fan with Linux but the entire Linux is divided in so many communities that makes it impossible to be a good option for newbies like me, people will try it and will just return back to mac.
At least I know Apple will not block my forum account for no reason or stress me out.
I had the worst experience with Linux and the communities and I don’t recommend anyone to ever use Linux, I just use a browser mac or linux who cares Mac works fine
Linux will always be what it is today good idea good software, but full of communities that don’t work and quit like artegros based on arch also or the kids linux ubuntu.
Until Linux gets unified under few core communities it will be just try try and fail.

Again to anyone who helped block AstraAdriaAri thank you, he and his GF enjoyed and are enjoying their time at sea and I am also happy for my girl and bestie and her BF.

I send info to all of Alex friends not to waste time and write posts since he and me wil never read them, *anyone is welcome to do what they want. really don’t care anymore


This screams desperation and I’m not sure which would be sadder:
Astra creating fake account pretending to be his friend (who does have weirdly similar writing style) or him actually complaining about mean internet people to a friend.

Pro tip: you shouldn’t care so much about what internet people think. If you think we’re so awful, there’s no point in desperately trying to look good in front of us, isn’t there?

Anyway, someone should probably close this thread.