What's your favorite escapist title?

No doubt many of us are reaching new heights of boredom with the global stay-at-home orders. I’ve personally been filling some of my time delving back into The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind using the OpenMW engine. It’s one of my favorite “get lost in another world and help destress from my own for a while” games.

What titles do you all enjoy that offer a little bit of unreality you can jump into for hours at a time?


I haven’t gamed in quite a while (my picks will clearly show that) but I remember my faves being …

SimCity 4
Rollercoaster Tycoon, I wanna say 3?
And Baldur’s Gate 2

Forget that last one… how could I forget Civilization 3!

I still spin up Rolercoaster Tycoon (the original). Awesome sandbox game.

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I’ve been getting lost in stellaris and Skyrim for the most part. Minecraft with the family is always a good time.

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Maybe now is not the right time to suggest this but I highly recommend the tv series “12 monkeys”. Best tv show I’ve ever watched.

I’m finally going through X-Com 2 on PS4 :innocent:

for me those are Skyrim and Half Life 1 (or the wonderful remake, Black Mesa)

and I am not bored yet, I still spend more time learning Python then I spend gaming
although it is only 6th day here, I am not in US

Skyrim, EQ (P99 emulation really), and it may not be a popular game or even a well known one but Monster Rancher 2 from the PSOne era. Concept of the game: raise a monster to fight in tournaments until you beat the Major 4 after going through classes like e,d,c,b,a,s,Major 4. Crossbreeding monsters, creating monsters from your old collection of cd’s laying about, and then constantly pumping up your monsters every generation until you can actually complete the game. Easily runs on an emulator and can even get the disc drive to work which would allow for the CD reading for monsters from discs. There is more to the game but that is the gist of it,

How do you do this? I was thinking about that and the original Sims the other day and how one might play those on Linux.

Luckily RCT is old enough that it runs in DOSBox - which is well supported on pretty much any OS. I have the Good Old Games version which bundles DOSBox up for you in the installer.

Thanks! I also never knew that’s what GOG stood for, I thought it was just their branding. Cheers!

My escapist games generally tend to be anything Cyberpunk related Dex, Conglomerate 451, Remember Me,

I recently got into some of the Final Fantasy games… I played through VII completely and loved every minute of it, so I started plying VIII this week. Both are amazing if you want to get lost in an intricate story line.

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I think VIII gets a lot of flack for not being VII. I think IX might be one of the greatest games ever produced for the PlayStation. I think X holds up a lot better than we thought it would at the time but XII was the superior PS2 title. I did own XI, at least the base game, but was more into WoW. I’m a sucker for the final fantasy job system in almost all of its incarnations though. I have not played FFs XIII and XV yet as I skipped these generations of consoles. FF XIV is an underrated MMORPG with beautiful graphics.

That’s my unsolicited opinion on the main series 3D Final Fantasy games.


I can understand that. VII is the one I heard about all the time that made me want to play it.
I do plan on playing IX after VIII, and I’m sure my PC can handle PS2 emulation, so I might just keep going.

Thanks to a recent Rogue Retrospective by one of my favorite YouTube channels, I’ve rekindled my college interest in NetHack. I used to play it on our VAX/VMS terminals when things got slow at the computer lab I worked in (which, to be honest, was a LOT of the time). I’m pleased to see that nethack.alt.org is still up and kicking.

Morrowind is a favorite escapist title of mine as well. Minecraft and Skyrim also fit the bill.


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…and here he is as a rubber duck. Any questions?

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