What's your favorite escapist title?

Yes. How can that be the jarl if his left wing isn’t propped on an armrest, curled in front of his face?

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Well said… it’s hard to see him without a contemplative posture adapted from years of politics from his throne at Windhelm. Though i’d submit that context is everything, ducks love to swim and who among us isn’t contemplative in the tub?

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I always end up at Oblivion - something about it makes it relaxing, but with quite a bit going on in the world, plenty of characters, locations, random events. You can focus on whatever you want really. Never gets old for me. I struggle to get back into Skyrim despite loving it at the time. Mount and Blade is always a game a can pick up at any time and get engrossed in it. I also like Fallout 3 and New Vegas for more futuristic immersion (i.e. with guns instead of just swords and stuff). I have Fallout 4 and it works on Linux, but I have not really played it yet as I still get so much out of old games!


Fallout 3 and New Vegas have much better story lines to Fallout 4, same goes for Morrowind/Oblivion vs Skyrim. Play it through a few times, and it’s done. Fallout 4 was fun, but twice is all I could stand…

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I’ve been having an absolute blast these past two weeks with Kingdom Come: Deliverance. It’s an RPG set in the Czech Republic of the middle ages that is I believe trying to be historically accurate to the times and somewhat realistic. So no magic, no dragons, just a big old open world with lots of survival mechanisms. You have to eat so you don’t starve, but don’t eat too much either or you get a debuff. Your body parts can get damaged during combat and if you start bleeding you can bleed out unless you bandage yourself, you have to sleep, keep yourself clean and all such things. You can only save the game by either progressing through quests, using rare consumables named ‘Saviour Schnapps’ or sleeping in a bed! There’s lots of journal entries that tell you about how a lot of things in society worked in the middle ages, trivia on the characters you encounter in the game world and lots of little tidbits of knowledge.

There’s also plenty of quests and the world is big and beautifully crafted. It also looks quite pretty if you disregard the occasional texture pop ins and graphical glitches (unless you have an aboslute monster PC, probably. There’s lots of settings with viewing distance and LOD and such).

It feels a bit like an Elder Scrolls with more realism and somewhat deeper mechanics. You level up skills by using them, and there’s a large variety, going from horse-riding through drinking to combat skills with different weapons to lock-picking and pick-pocketing.

You’re also not immediately a grand old hero, but start out as the son of a blacksmith in a village.

Sadly it starts a bit slow and it takes a good number of hours to get used to all the mechanics, and it has its quirks and a good amount of bugs and graphical glitches. Also I don’t believe it’s on Linux, although there is a lutris script for it, but I don’t know if it works. I’m playing it on my SOs Windows machine, as it’s the only Gaming PC in the house :grimacing:.

Anyway, grand old game, lots of fun if you’re into RPGs like this. Also time absolutely flies while you’re playing it.

I bought Kingdom Come: Deliverance and almost all the DLC over various sales so one day… years later… I may have the time and hardware to play it lol. Enjoy.

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The infamous backlog? :slight_smile: Make sure you have plenty of free time when you get around to starting it, it’s one of those games that sucks up lots of time!

It may seem a bit niche, but the first game I got really into as a child was Dungeon Master in the late 80s on the Atari ST. I believe the PC version came out in 1990. It runs via Wine as far as I know, but there is a remake called Return to Chaos (RTC) which has the original and the sequel. It also needs to run in Wine, but I managed to add it to Steam (Linux Client) and tell it to run via Proton. Great game. The only game I sink hours into after 30+ years.

I’m really late to the party on this one, but I finally got around to firing up my copy of Planescape: Torment the other day. Pretty fascinating when I’m in the mood for a lot of reading.