What VPN do you use?

I’m looking to get a VPN for Linux. leaning towards PIA. I just want to know what everybody uses for VPN or a secure connection.

T.J. Wolf

I use PIA. I was looking when someone from PIA was interviewed on Destination Linux (I think) and that convinced me. I’ve seen reports that seem to confirm their “no logging” claims. I am not in a situation (yet, who knows the way BREXIT and the UK is going) to hve any desperate need for secrecy, but I like having what I can get just in case.


I try to use PIA and do when it works but there are many times that it is either abysmally slow or just outright doesn’t work. I have a subscription to Nord that I never use because it is always slow for me. The one I tend to use the most is Windscribe which has servers close to me so performance is good and a Linux CLI client. They are working on a GUI as well but I like the current client is just fine. I am considering setting up an OpenVPN server on DO to see if that might be a good option once my current subscriptions expire.

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If you can do a video on setting it up on YouTube. OpenVPN video. I never heard of Windscribe I will check them out. Do you need a server as well for OpenVPN that will be costly? won’t it

I’ll definitely do a video on it when I try it out. I believe it can be run from a $5/mo DigitalOcean server which is not that expensive compared to most VPN services. When I get around to it I will use their tutorial How To Set Up an OpenVPN Server on Ubuntu 18.04.


Check out Proton VPN. Though they don’t have linux gui yet.


I wonder why, the only times it’s not worked for me was on non-systemd (MX-18 and Devuan) and MX sorted that and now the MX Package Installer includes it - I have to go back to the MX Package Installer each time the version of PIA updates, but no biggie.

I use it on MX, Debian, Sparky,Arco, Endeavour, Manjaro and have had it work just fine on Fedora 30, SolydX LinuxLite, Xubuntu, Mint (Xfce), Peppermint and maybe others I forget. It’s never appeared to slow things down.

Do you have dsome exotic network hardware?

There is a script I found way back when I was having bother with MX that allows you to connect to PIA via OpenVPN… I can’t find it right now, I’ll look back at te MX Forums to see it I was given it there.

OK, poked about a bit, found the message on the MX Forums where someone pointed me at this page on the PIA site


Basically you run openvpn from a command line giving it the provided config file. It seemed to work until MX Package Installer got the install working.

There was also an interesting thread here


That maybe MX only but someone may find it informative/helpful.

NordVPN here (I know, I know). For me it’s fast enough for general day to day use, have proven they don’t take logs, and I don’t visit or view anything dodgy so general security is good enough atm. I have considered PIA and Proton as well, but I’m only about 10 months into a 3 year sub with Nord, so I’ll probably stick it out.

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I’ve been using Mullvad. It seems very speedy to me, has a Linux (Ubuntu) client and is pretty smooth for me.


Nothing exotic and this is on my home network as well as any random public WiFi. Perhaps it’s the servers I connect to (US East Florida and Atlanta). Not sure. It connects but no traffic or very slow. I’ve talked to others who have had similar experiences so it’s not just me.

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I use OpenVPN for my use.

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Problem with using Digital Ocean is a lot of sites will block their IP range when you try to visit a web page from there.

I don’t know how to set up OpenVPN or if it Costs anything for what i need it for. I would love video guide

I have used AirVPN in the past and it worked well for me. The speeds were good, but my ISP does not offer decent speeds so I do not know how well their speed scales. It is better for advanced users in my opinion. They have many settings in their clients for people that want – or need – a specific configuration or just want to play around.

I am looking at Mullvad for the next VPN to play with. I like how it is possible to create an actual anonymous account with them (until, at least, you connect to the VPN and expose your IP to them).

I use them for their port forwarding and speeds. I guess “decent speeds” are subjective but I’ve never had under 100mbps on any of the EU servers. I have never been able to max my 500mbps connection but I don’t think that is realistic with any VPN provider for a long time anyway.

Thanks for the heads up. I’ll keep an eye out for that.

I have been a happy user of PIA for the last 3 years. I use it on Ubuntu, Arch, Fedora, and Android. Any VPN connection will be slower than your full internet speed. Things to consider that slow a VPN connection.

  • Your speed is equal to your throughput plus your latency
  • VPN algorithms and encryption strength
  • Server Location which can impact latency
  • Server load and its bandwidth capacity
  • Which Protocol your using TCP vs UDP

PIA Suggested Settings: VPN Encryption - What's Needed For Data Security? | PIA VPN
*needs a little updating, AES-128 GCM is now the recommended default. What's the difference between AES-CBC and AES-GCM? - Knowledgebase / Technical / Application Settings and Features / Encryption - PIA Support Portal

For most of my needs I use typically use the PIA recommended settings
Hanshake RSA-2048

My 400 Mbps Down Internet connection usually runs around 77-90 Mbps with the recommended settings.


ProtonVPN, it’s a subsidiary of Proton Technologies AG the makers of ProtonMail and it’s a Swiss company using Swiss servers.

There’s a free version and the paid versions are discounted 20% if you’re paying for a premium ProtonMail address.

PIA will be an excellent choice for most people but they’re headquartered in the U.S. so this is a threat model judgement for whomever you are or will be.

While there’s court evidence they don’t hold logs they’re still vulnerable to NSLs(1). They’ve chosen to not have a NSL specific warrant canary instead promising to “shut down operations” if the company “is coerced into logging” or “something like that”(2). This is a problem for me because NSL canaries are far more dependable than a company engaging the nuclear option whether the current board members have done so before or not.

(1) How NSA-Proof Are VPN Service Providers? * TorrentFreak
(2) Why PIA doesn't fly a warrant canary: It's solving the wrong problem

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Hmmm, I use the UK servers (London mostly, Southampton if the London one is playing silly games and Manchester once in a while for fun). I have used a couple of the US ones (Atlanta certainly) when trying to access news site that objected to me not being in the US. Atlanta worked but I was only on briefly to read the story I was interested in.

Give one of the UK servers a try just for the hell of it.