Simple Remote Support

Hello everyone,

I realized that getting remote support on Linux is not something that is available with open source software. I thought that this was a missing feature for most desktops and since i already had a lot of the code from some meeting software i made about 2 years ago, that I had been thinking about open sourcing, I thought that this was a great oppertunity to do exactly that. So I am introducing a new software project that i started not so long ago that I’ve given the working title: Simple Remote Support.
The project is still in the works and is still not feature complete, so I consider it to be in alpha stage. But it is functional and I would love to get some feedback from people in the community.

It is a web application and it is hosted Here for now.
The source code is hosted Here on Gitlab.



I’m impressed by the attention to detail for keeping information on the client side and not sharing it with the host. It’s a lovely approach and we need more of this.

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Thanks @Ulfnic
GDPR has really given me the habbit of avoiding cookies and storing as little as possible serverside.
But I also wanted this solution to be quick and easy to use. So no signup or registry.


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I tried to make it. But 2AM is just to late for me.

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