Linux Saloon 72: Red Hat Changes, Simple Remote Support, Self-Hosting Social

On this News Flight Night we had quite a number of winding conversations from the decentralization of social media, desired laptop hardware, a new FOSS project for Simple Remote Support by a member of the community, Magnus Jorgensen and of course the elephant in the room, talking about Red Hat and their changes to how they are distributing source code.

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00:00:00 Introductions
00:01:06 Dan talks Linux User Space Lemmie Instance
00:07:20 Dan and Eric Talk Mastadon
00:13:40 Future of Federated on the Internet
00:43:28 StrawPoll – If you had to choose, which is more desired for a laptop?
If you had to choose, which is more desired f... - Online Poll -
01:01:49 Simple Remote Support
Simple Remote Support · GitLab
Simple Remote Support
01:25:08 Red Hat Now Limiting RHEL Sources To CentOS Stream
Red Hat Now Limiting RHEL Sources To CentOS Stream - Phoronix
Furthering the evolution of CentOS Stream
Rocky Linux Expresses Confidence Despite Red Hat's Announcement | Rocky Linux
AlmaLinux OS - Forever-Free Enterprise-Grade Operating System
What is Fedora? - devel - Fedora Mailing-Lists
A Comprehensive Analysis of the GPL Issues With the Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) Business Model - Conservancy Blog - Software Freedom Conservancy
01:58:51 Next Week – Tailscale
02:09:11 Last Call
02:15:05 Bloopers and Extras

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