Protonmail vs tutanota

I have been protonmail for two years now, but when my current deal ends I plan to swap to tutanota, the main reason being protonmail currently does not have an android app that works without google play services, which means no notifications which has caused me real issues in life at critical times!

Tutanota has an appon f-droid (yay!), but will not be able to use it with thunderbird (booo) but it does have linux desktop app (yay!).

Anyone with experience/thoughts on tutanota?

I have both, but only use the web clients, so I don’t know if this will help you. Also, I mostly use them as ‘junk mail’ folders. I think Protonmail has the most Gmail like interface (which I don’t like; I’ve never had a gmail account, but I think it’s weird). TutaNota’s interface is more like an e-mail client interface. That said “” is a lot easier to say than “T-U-T-A DOT I-O” when giving out an email address!

I switched from Tutanota to Protonmail when I heard they finally Open Sourced their mobile clients. I’m disappointed to hear they still require Google services to work. That explains why it hasn’t made it to F-Droid yet. What kind of Privacy focused service would require Google’s crap be on your phone?

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It’s disappointing for sure. On their blog they say they are working on an app for f-droid, but there is no timeline on it!

I’m also interested in Tutanota, can you elaborate on why you switched to Protonmail ?

I am not sure about the play store but you do not need it to download ProtonMail for Android AFAIK.

I don’t really have a great reason for switching. I like more than and feel Protonmail has the most staying power. I don’t want to commit to an email address and have the company behind it go under in a couple years.

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You can get the protonmail app by getting the apk from somewhere, but if you don’t have google play services then you will not get notifications. It also then becomes harder to keep updated. I’ve realised im an email hopper so going to have to get my own email domain to solve the issue of changing email addresses!

I have the Protonmail app installed on my Pixel GrapheneOS phone. It’s not in the F-droid stores or the clones but it is available in the Aurora store. The app from the Aurora store doesn’t include any trackers and works well. The Aurora store if I understand it correctly basically spoofs a Google account which allows access to many apps in the Google Play store.

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I’ve installed the APK from their site, and setup my RSS feed to pull their updates, so I get notified when they have a new APK. Good to know the Aurora store works for that too!

The Aurora Store seems almost too good to be true :sweat_smile: Does it really work with a lot of apps ? That might be THE solution to switch to another OS.

It doesn’t work for paid apps. Keep in mind that you need to check on the apps installed from the Aurora store before installing since unlike the F-droid store there isn’t much screening of apps and some of the apps there can have a lot of trackers.

Thanks for the tips ! I don’t own an Android phone, it was more like prospective questions :grimacing:

I went with Tutanota, and it has been really good. Great to get notifications on my phone again and on the desktop app. Can actually use it as a useful service! UI is simple but that makes it more pleasurable to use. My only concerns are lack of an import export function for emails if I ever wanted to leave, and on their reddit page there was talk of the german government requiring access to emails, which they maybe forced to implement. It shouldn’t be this hard to have a right to privacy!