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After listening to tons of Linux podcasts, including DLN, I have come to realize that there is not a good option for a Linux phone (if you know one that can compete with my old Samsung S7 then let me know, but this is not what this post is about). So, I’ve heard multiple times that Android is not a good option because of Google and Iphone is not a good option because of Apple. My question is this: Wanting to be somewhat privacy focused, between Andriod and Iphone, which is the best option for privacy? I understand that both are bad, but for those of us who are not tinkerers (Pine Phone), what would be the best option?

Ps, it is so frustrating that we haven’t got a functioning Linux phone for the masses to use.

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I’m not ready to agree with you on the Pinephone but I got pretty maxed out on time so I need to pick the project back up later. From what time I had, Ubuntu Touch just worked out of the box with my SIM and was pretty 1st class experience for pocket Linux. I’ve also heard good things about the Manjaro edition.

That said… if I had to go non-pinephone i’d get an Android that I could flash to either LineageOS or Graphene OS (more security/privacy focused) and use F-Droid as the app store. Neither of these OSs talk to Google unless you install Google applications like GApps. They’re also called “de-goggled phones” despite running on AOSP simialr to how Brave runs on Chromium.

If you want to buy a pre-flashed phone, the only store I know of that i’d trust is Rob Braxman whom i’ve followed a long time on YouTube. Store below:

Rob Braxman

Personally i’ve always flashed my own phones so I don’t know of more. Let me know if you need flashing help/resources.


Thanks @Ulfnic for the info.

Flashing the phone is still tinkering in my opinion and therefor out especially if you buy a new one and lose the warranty by eventually bricking the phone.

The PinePhone with Ubuntu Touch is probably the best option but still, it is an enthusiast’s device. It really is and we should be honest about it.

That still leaves you with Android or iPhone if you want something ready to go out of the box and there you have to pick your poison and for me it would be the iPhone.

I am saying this from the perspective of a newcomer that does not want to tinker.

Personally I own an Android device. Though I never was a fan of Android and I ordered a PinePhone where I will put Ubuntu Touch on it and I have no interest at all in flashing my Android phones otherwise.

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I agree fully with you. I love that android phones can be a little more flexible that iPhones, but I am with Straight Talk and updates are few and far between. This doesn’t make me feel good about the security side of it. Plus, ya know, Google too. iPhones seem to be updated more often. My wife and daughters have them. Security updates all the time. I’d much rather have a Linux phone, but these phones are lacking in their usability. Thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate it!

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If you get an Android from a phone network it’s usually loaded with their garbage and updates from Google have to pass through them first so there can be ridiculous delays. Same deal with Lineage/Graphene but they’re much faster. One of the best advantages of something like the Google Pixel (but only if it’s a Google edition from the Google store) is there’s no middle-man so you get your updates delivered direct.

@Ulfnic, I see the point in the pixel. It would seem to be the same as an iphone on the updates. Between the Pixel and the iPhone, which is less intrusive to our lives do you think?

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I want to echo Ulfnic: I think you go Android, put on something like Lineage on there. Stable platform, de-googled. I only use F Droid, but there are F Droid apps to pull recent Play store apps, if you MUST have one. But really F Droid has everything except games, really. THey have Sudoku, Solitaire, but you can’t play anything like what’s on the Play Store.

Your other question asks between Pixel and iPhone being ‘less intrusive’, I think you pick Pixel and get a ROM for it. You could always NOT sign into a stock phone and install F Droid, but who knows what those apps are doing in the background.


Check the edit above, I forgot to mention the Pixel has to be a “Google edition” which you can get used or from the Google store. If it’s from a carrier they’ll mess with it and gatekeep updates.

I also should have mentioned Lineage OS (if you buy it pre-installed) is no more tinkering than stock Android. It’s like switching from Chrome to Brave, they work and look exactly the same. You just have F-Droid as your app store instead of Google Play.

If I was forced to choose between a non-flashed Google Pixel and an iPhone i’d say the iPhone would be less intrusive though they’re both pretty intrusive. Apple just tends to respect the data more and doesn’t want to own the World near as much.


I was just contemplating upgrading my Android phone to an iPhone. The reason being that iPhones still come in a small size.

The more I use my phone, the more I despise using it, so I try to use it less and less and use a proper computer for everything. So I don’t need a huge 6" phone in my pocket to do nothing with.

I haven’t seen any small form factor Android phones in ages and size is always a selling point but no phones are going the other way.

A Pine Phone in a 5" or less size would be my ideal.

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@Ethanol, yeah get that. Apple did good with the SE with size. I also am trying to do more on my PC and laptop. I would be all in for a Pine Phone of any size. My Samsung S7 is 5.1" so it is perfect for me. I am still leaning toward an iPhone for my next phone due to the consistant updates and security patches. But if Pine Phone ever gets all the bugs worked out, I’m all in!

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I’m still leaning Android though since I could Flash ubuntu touch onto it or at least LineageOS if I ever figure out how. I’d prefer the walled garden I could escape from than the one I can’t.

I came across the VollaPhone yesterday. It comes standard with Ubuntu.
What are the community’s thoughts on this?

@Ethanol, I do agree with that train of thought.

@Eltuxo, is it an American company? Not that it matters, just for shipping purposes.

I thought they were German.

They’re German. For me, that’s a bonus. Whenever i get something from outside the EU, customs are there to scrutinize everything i bought. Usually taking their good time about it too. :unamused:

It is currently on my radar.

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Well, i ordered myself one. I’ve went with the Ubuntu Touch option.
Delivery is scheduled for mid to end February.
I’m looking forward to it.


For those living in the U.S., and are looking for a degoogled phone.
Here (courtesy of the NoAgendaShow) you can find degoogled phones for sale. Or, if willing, a howto to do it yourself.
Mainly Pixel phones with GrapheneOS.

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