Linux Friendly Steam Sales ending 27 Jan 2020

Who doesn’t like a sale, right? Right now on Steam there are a few to choose from, maybe more but these caught my eye with the help of @MichaelTunnell.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is on sale now at the Steam Store. At the time of writing it is 75% off and the sale is good through 27 January 2020. Released in 2010, the reviews on it average out to “Very Positive”.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit gets a Proton DB rating of Platinum with a reported 60fps with D9VK.

If you are interested in the EA Racing Bundle currently at 82% off, it includes:

Need for Speed Undercover, a Proton Rating of Gold
Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box, Unknown Proton Rating
Need for Speed: Shift, Proton Rating of Platinum
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, Proton Rating of Platinum
Shift 2 Unleashed a rating of Bronze

3 out of 5 isn’t too bad there if you are into this genre of games.

Golf With Friends is also on sale until 27 January 2020, 35% off is what I see listed. You know this is going to be played in the upcoming DLN Game Night on Saturday, 01 February 2020. What would a game night be like without “Golf With Friends”?

Golf With Friends has a Linux native port

Show your support with a few bucks to these game publishers that us Linux folk do indeed game on the best platform ever conceived. Perhaps, if enough of us vote, there will be better Linux support in the future.


Civilization: Beyond Earth is 75% off right now as well as Civ. VI, X Com 2 and Borderlands 2. All run natively on Linux.

I almost forgot about Goat Simulator is 60% off too.

It’s been a month, but if you watched The Witcher on Netflix and were interested in getting into the games, you can pick up all three, including DLC, for less than 20 USD right now. The second one has a native port (which is fine, there were performance issues on launch, but they were fixed ages ago) and the first and third are certified Proton Compatible by Valve.

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