How can i delete my account?

I am no longer a fan nor a backer of the show. to tell the truth. this what happen to me with JB community as well.

I’ve found the creators are very open to criticism and they’re always looking to improve. If you’re open to sharing it may help the show.

It’s also been good having you on the forum, if there’s a way I can improve let me know.

I don’t see a delete option in the accounts section but I can remove your account which will anonymize it. Send me a PM titled: DELETE ACCOUNT for confirmation and i’ll delete your account 24hrs after the time of your last post.


ill make my decision after. i am going to my Grandpas Funeral. later today

going to give the community one more go. i just got a lil tick off. the main Group on the other social media aspects gotten Clickish and i got very tired of it!

That is unfortunate but this place here is really nice. In fact I am really only going here and enjoying my time and the community. The creators are also participating. I mean the whole point is to include everybody and to be very welcoming to complete outsiders regardless of your background. You should and we want you to enjoy Linux, free software and the community!


If i’d combine the thoughts of Reagan and Eminem.

The forum is DLN’s shining city upon a hill and all the other Slim Shadys are just imitating.

Stick around <3 <3, the more different you think the better for everyone.


I’m happy you decided to stay. What does “Clickish” Mean?

the Discord, telegram and the Element group got a Clique aka clickish thing going on!

Oh! That make much more sense :smiley:.
Yeah I tend to stay away from the larger chat groups. I stick to the Forums and some of the smaller Podcasts like Sudo Show on Matrix and Geek lab, thats mainly because I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the conversation across them all.

I am hooked into most of them though for the sake of being tagged @rwaltr


JB community?

I guess Jupiter Broadcasting, if you remember Linux Action Show and now a bunch of other shows and podcasts, Linux Unplugged being one of the very popular among them.

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yes, I had a big issues with Joe , or what ever the Mate dev name that a co host .
he cuss me out and called a dumb American. If i wanted to be trolled and push around i would go to linux mint IRC. any ways i am going to be on for a bit and figuring out a web host. for a project of mine

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For hosting Digital Ocean is really good and there’s TONS of easy user guides, use for a free $100 credit to mess around with.

There’s also Linode which i’ve heard good things about.

Destination Linux Network is completely separate from Jupiter Broadcasting which is run by different people with a different community though some people hang out in both.

For all the DLN community spots i’d recommend going here, the links are on the top right of the page including the matrix channel and the bridged telegram/discord.

There’s also DLN’s Sudo Show which has a Matrix channel here.


im very tempted on using the wordpress dot com version but isnt the dot org more free?
talking about the Web site builder software

the wordpress dot com part is the hosted service that they run, the .org is the software you can download and host yourself. The .com is a bit more locked down in what you can do but its mostly the same. I prefer to self host the .org version, for example the DLN website is self-hosted.

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I Like linode!

that is all

My condolences.

As far as Joe goes, isn’t he known for being an “edgy” character? I only listen to him on the 2.5 Admins podcast which is pretty civil and not related to JB.

Also, I don’t go near those large discord, telegram or matrix groups. I’m like Treebeard from Lord of the Rings… “we never say anything unless it is worth taking a long time to say.
Which is why I like a forum such as this where you can spend the time thinking about what you’re saying.


Joe cuss me out for being an American . then he bullied my buddy Slimmyrock. i got very tick off and left telegram after that .anyways. i look at those web host. i gotten very bad dealings with my current one

Vultr is also a good hosting provider.

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That’s the 2nd time i’ve heard about Vultr. One of my favorite YouTubers who uses BSD uses it.