Fedora 33, DMCA Takedown on youtube-dl, Pro1 X, X Server Being Abandoned? | This Week in Linux 123


Thanks, @MichaelTunnell - really enjoyable and informative as ever. Wow, the show did go on, even though you moved. Quite a feat. I think @dasgeek and you have both moved now. I personally find we never know how much “stuff” we have until we move, and it always seems to be more than expected :slight_smile:

As I said previously, I did research in FPGAs back in the late 90s and worked with Xilinx boards then, mainly. I have long preferred AMD over Intel, even since I built my first PC back in 1994. I’m glad to see they’ve progressed so much through their hard work.

As I say, I’ve been looking at potential projects for the medium term, and the RISCV as an emerging platform is attractive to me, as are mobile phones as an emerging platform. Whereas with desktop open source has achieved an incredible amount especially in the years since Linux and GNU projects have been around, I really think Cloud, mobile and open hardware are upcoming growth areas I’d like to be a part of as a developer, because surely that’s where the needs lie now?

I’ve not heard of NixOS. Your explanation seems clear to me, thank you. Meantime my LFS build has been on pause for a while as I’m been learning JavaFX but NixOS seems to require a similar amount of commitment!

“Game Fest” no longer has meaning and saying now sounds weird to say.

Game Fest

Game Fest

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I heard DLM is holding a game fest at the same time too.

Don’t be fooled by Quake, it’s not Xonotic! They also replaced “Golf With Your Friends” with just “Buy Mug”. It’s a link to the DLM store and you “win” by buying one, totally pay-to-win.

DLN sells mugs but it’s real-life cosmetic DLC you can drink out of. You get the OG perk too but it’s way more fair imho.

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“DLM Fun Time”

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