DLN Xtend - Episode 6

This week we cover a discussion of tax preparation software from the DLN Discourse forum, discuss the ramifications of Private Internet Access being purchased by Kape Technologies, what IPFire is and how Nate is using it, a creator’s perspective on the Brave browser rewards program, and DasGeek’s experience with the Pinebook Pro.

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Thanks @EricAdams and @CubicleNate. I especially appreciated the in-detail VPN coverage of a company that’s recently changed its name. I’ve not tried the Brave browser because I’m pretty happy with Firefox and right-now actually use Falkon for general browsing when I’m basically just looking things up, as it’s very lightweight. I wonder just how carefully the Brave team have gone through all the code in Chromium - there really must be an awful lot of it and frankly I’m not sure all the invasion of privacy stuff will be that easy to find.