DLN Xtend 58: How was the show?

Hey, community!

Matt, Nate, and I had so much fun on the live show last week. The edit dropped yesterday for those who couldn’t catch it live. The live community played a big role in the content of the show. I’d love to know what you thought of the live stream and/or the finished show with real-time community feedback added.


This may not be very useful feedback… but I heard a group of very likeable people talking about cool stuff.

I especially liked Nate’s occasional mentioning of OpenSUSE, it was like being shown a tiny piece of treasure map to a mysterious far off land.

I also don’t watch live shows with very limited exceptions, the value for me is the finished product and this was a good finished product.

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Thank you!

You enjoying the finished product and additions from the community being added to the finished product is very helpful information.