Albion Online Get Together

So I remember one of the podcasts where the hosts mentioned Albion Online and if I recall correctly, Ryan was highly recommended it. I checked it out recently and it has gone free to play so I tried it out and I’m enjoying it so far.

I’m wondering if anyone here is also playing. I thought it would be fun if us DL folks could get together in game or something. Just for Fun


I’ve registered on Albion yesterday. Seems to be lots of fun. Let me know if you’re there sometime.

Awesome. I honestly haven’t played Albion in a while cause I was alone, playing on the free tier and low on funds. Now that I received a response, I’m down to play again. We could get on the dl mumble or whatnot so we can talk while we play.

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Allright! Sounds good. I’m on the free tier as well. You could spend money on the game, but i’m not quite sure if i’m ever going to do that. If i understand correct, once you stop your premium status, you lose all your premium goods as well? (ive only played for 2 days now, so my understanding of the game atm is minimal).
Main thing for me now is to get a new headset and find out where the dnl mumble server is.
I’m based in Europe, my timezone is CET (or UTC+1h).
Looking forward to it!
On a side note, i found out that grinding for a while (hour or 2 or so) does reward with some nice funds. (along some nice unlocks and fame). Nowhere near to buy, let’s say, an oxen, but it’s a start. (Next up, enough funds to buy an oxen… :smile:)

Great. I’m in Asia and my timezone’s UTC+8. The dln mumble info can be found here. I have yet to connect too :smile:

What’s your in-game name? I’ll add you as a friend there. My name is the same, kdeleteme.

My ingame name is MaximusTuximus. I’ll ad you ingame next time i log on. Thanks for the link to the dln mumble!
See you ingame!

Snott in-game, just started tutorial. Completely forgot about this game heh. UTC+13

Tried to add you just now but it says I can’t add people still in tutorial. I’ll wait until you’re done.

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still going; love how it runs flawlessly in manjaro i3, very nice.

That’s strange. I’ve added you. I’m on tier 3 now. (i think).
Regarding the time difference i’ve told you about in game. I think this could be an advantage.
Here’s an idea: why don’t we start our own guild?
Seeing that we’re on a 8 hours difference, we coud use this as an advantage. Meaning that at least one of us is online and managing the guild.
Getting new members, setting up raids, etc…
Let me know what you think, ok?

Can i add you as a friend ingame?

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yeah of course; I accepted someone already but they’re not on now… regarding managing a guild - I don’t have time these days, I’ll be sporadic at best… but I am definitely enjoying it so far, especially the crafting. After this week I’ll be on even less for a few weeks while I wire up a racecar after work. I hate doing after hours work, but $$$ :man_shrugging: Gaming can wait. :wink:
am on right now crafting.

Regarding the guild: i see it as a way to have some fun and get some serious loot and fame. You’re online if you have the time. No obligations whatsoever.
I’ll add you as soon as i get online.
See you ingame!

That may have been me.

I’m up for this. I actually had the exact same thought. I see it as a good way to recognize fellow dln community members in-game if we’re having the same idea about the guild.

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oh yes that was you hah :+1:

You guys make it I’ll join it; I plan on crafting cloth/mage stuff to suit me, happy to do the same for guildies time permitting.

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Yay! We’re off to a great start. I’m on the swordfighter path myself for the time being. I’m going to go that route first. After that, i’ll see. The mage part looks pretty interresting too.

Ok, great!
What are your ideas for a guild? How do you see this happening?

I have no idea to be honest as I have never played with a guild on MMOs. The only thought I had was the guild being the dln guild or something like that.

Ok. That’s a start.

I’ve looked into how to start a guild.
It seems you have to “pay” a fee of 12500 silver in order to get started.
I’m willing to farm that amount, but it’s going to take a while.
There seems to be an amount of adminstration too, but it remains to be seen just how much that will be.
The big question now will be in what direction we’re going to take the guild.
I’ve read that you can choose between these or others: PvE, PvP, Ganking, Hardcore Expeditions (HCE) and so on.
Source:Should you join a guild in Albion Online, or start your own? - SQUAD

So i think that would be our first concerns. Name and direction. (I’ll have to look up the meaning of Ganking. Never heard of it before).

What do you think?

Ganking: PK (Player Kill), but more like it’s not a fair fight; gankers will lurk or roam, and jump you when you’re unsuspectingly crossing a zone, or set you up where they can kill you and take your stuff.

I’m ok with that but I have a life outside gaming so I tend to sit on the carebear side of things (to start with anyway) as I don’t have time to make that profit/gear back in a hurry. Same deal as when I’m playing Perpetuum though; you don’t risk what you can’t afford to lose, so it’s not that much of a biggie. I don’t tend to wander out of safe zones unless I have a near full spare fit-out sitting in storage. And then, I’m still cautious.

Just crafted T3 stuff for myself, seems most run around in T4 if there’s risk from what I could tell in chat. There’s a lot of… well, lets just say I forgot what mmo chat was like :laughing: there’s a lot of bull***t, but some good info filtered through still.

Might even be worth joining a newb friendly guild to start with even, but I’m open to whatever.

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