218: GNOME 40 - Interview with Neil McGovern, Executive Director of GNOME


Micheal the SEO honey badger wrestler took on @Bluhatwearingpenguin’s question this week:

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This made me laugh out loud! Besides all his other talents, @MichaelTunnell is also an SEO honey badger wrestler?! I really should have guessed though :laughing: :wink:


Thanks everyone, another excellent episode :+1:

I’ve been time-shifting my viewing since the days of VCR (remember when you programmed it incorrectly?!) so am really bad at committing to watching “live show” type things, but I do hope the LUG was a success.

I have Fedora 33 running in a VM and I have to say it’s been shockingly stable despite all the rapid updates. If Fedora 34 manages to add Pipewire and Gnome 40 both in one swoop and stays functional, that would be outstanding, in my opinion! Looking forward to it as well :slight_smile: (Plasma under Wayland on Fedora 33 needs some tweaking though after starting it on defaults, I’m finding, but I haven’t got around to it yet. Something to do with font scaling, perhaps?)

Thanks for the interview with Neil - some great insights there. I have to say it does break my heart a little when I see what dedicated folks we have in the open source community, and how relatively little support they seem to get back, both in people actively involved in contributing work to the project and contributing funds. At the moment feedback and thanks are the tiny ways I’m able to give just a little back, though I do keep an eye on which projects may be most useful for me to dedicate work to when able, and contribute financially. Of course the first of the latter will to become a patron of this community, which I think is fantastic. And yes, the Hardware Addicts shirt is one of the pieces of merchandise I have my eye on too! If I ever decide to be a content creator, I think I’ll try that simulation game first too :wink:

Wireguard sounds useful, especially if it’s easy to set-up!

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Interestingly, the link to the JingOS tablet site has an SSL misconfiguration and I was unable to visit it in either Firefox or Chromium.

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Gnome 40 looks great…
Tried it in a VM…
Really looking forward to upgrading to F34.


Did you try Gnome 40 on the F34 Beta, I wonder?

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I am looking forward to Gnome 40, I’ve not tried it yet but like what I see in the reviews. I am curious what Pop will do with the tiling aspect, when they adopt 40, I can see this working really well, but time will tell.

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LOL wasnt inspecting that !
Micheal made sense!

not sure why that would surprising

dude I do not handle SEO much. secondly i feel like i was getting mock at in that episode after watching it . This is why i haven’t really been on here. i may take up Ulfnic offer for him to delete my account . I will Never watch another episode nor have anything to do with you bullies ever again. i should have played the video in the begin before I said a thing.

What are you talking about? No one was mocking you. I was answering your question but the question is very complicated so I gave some tips and then said feel free to ask more specific things and I will be happy to help. I do not see how you could even remotely classify that as bullies. What?

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I’ve been watching DLN for about 1 1/2yrs and of the 30+ Linux podcasts in my newsboat they treat their community the best, i’ve never seen an instance where the objective wasn’t kindness.

I rewatched the segment. Noah made a quip in the beginning about why it was a question and there was some chuckling followed by seriously addressing the question with an offer of direct help from Michael.

Playful mockery while working together is a critical part of the show and the community, it makes sure no one takes themselves too seriously and everyone’s open with each other.

We’ve discussed Cancel Culture before. Giving people the benefit of the doubt is part of fixing that problem.


Wait a minute . . . so you interpreted them answering your question as “bullies” because of potential mocking right after it seems you’re mocking Michael.

Noah’s reaction to the question on the show is weird, yea agreed there, but then Ryan and Michael dismiss that and answer the question. Michael looks to me as he tried hard to answer a seemingly difficult question and then offers direct help as a follow up. This seems like a great response to me.

So how are they bullies exactly? To me, you made fun of Michael in this thread right before complaining about bullies. You said you weren’t expecting him to have “made sense”. Ok so apparently its ok if you mock people?

Maybe you interpreted that part of the show inaccurately and maybe I interpreted your comment inaccurately but if you think thats mocking you then what do you call what you did to Michael in this thread?