Is SEO important to a Content creator?

I am very curious over this . I recently fixing up my old blog about Christian radio stations and SEO keeps popping up.

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If you want to get more traffic and visitors, then SEO is important. As you may already know, SEO is a big topic. If you’re new to SEO just google and youtube “how to improve the SEO of my blog” and “SEO for beginners”. There’s also some good podcasts that teach the basics of SEO. And there’s some good SEO forums. If you have the money, you can also pay for online ads. Good luck!

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@Bluhatwearingpenguin @m3110w when doing research be sure to limit your searches to the current time frame – probably the last 6 months to a year. There were practices in the old days of SEO that will now cause you to be penalized if you incorporate them in your pages. One of their “recent” rules is that Google is placing high priority on “responsive” sites that will adapt to the dimensions of the screen.

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I’ll get a friend of mine show me how to work on this project. SEO should not be that hard!

Good point. It’s very important to understand what ‘black hat’ SEO is and to strongly avoid it. You can search google and youtube “black hat seo”. Never do black hat SEO.

SEO is not ‘hard’ per se. But it is a big topic with lots of different aspects. The more you learn, the more you can improve your SEO ranking. In addition to SEO, you can explore how to market your blog to your intended audience. In reality, SEO and online marketing go hand in hand and should be done together. And online marketing is another big topic.