162: Framework Laptop, Pop!_OS Rolling Release, Linux Mint, WayDroid | This Week in Linux


I’ll wait until Frame Works has a Coreboot motherboard option before getting one of their laptops unless one of my laptops dies before then.


I went back to episode 151 to reverse my position not long before this episode hit. Might be worth pasting here too:


I have a hype allergy but sometimes the hype is real. It’s a pretty good product.

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Thanks, @MichaelTunnell - excellent show, as ever! Loving the enthusiasm for Framework. I hope they give BigTech a real kick in the shin with the success of this, to say the least! Sounds like they’re getting so-much right! When’s the AMD kit coming out though, I wonder?!

Excellent news also about Element funding, new Mint website, Cassandra and WayDroid. I am posting my reply here late, and managed to get one of the humble bundles you mentioned in time - the careers one for later in the year when I start job-hunting :slight_smile:

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