151: FragAttacks WiFi Flaws, System76 Keyboard, Framework Modular Laptop | This Week in Linux

I’d like to reverse my position.

  • The microphone comes with a kill switch that directly cuts the circuit to the mic, it doesn’t ask a microchip permission to turn off the mic as many kill switches do. (Still working out a good term to differentiate the two types of kill switches but that’s the real deal.)

    That’s a big deal because it can be very difficult to modify a laptop to have that function and dummy mic plugs aren’t all that secure.

  • The USB-C modules allow left-handed people to put obtrusive ports like HDMI on the right-side so it doesn’t interfere with their mouse space unlike any laptop that exists.

  • The charger is modular so you can use any cable with it for any device meaning it’s useful life can extend well beyond the laptop.

  • Camera cover by default.

  • They’ve added a battery disconnect option in BIOS which i’ve never seen before.

  • They’re using high quality brands to provide the various parts such as the touchpad, fingerprint sensor, keyboard ect and the charger is the latest gallum nitride that ships with other high end laptops.

  • From hands on reviews i’m seeing, they’ve not only delivered what they promised but there’s lots of maticulous details that show obvious attention to their mission statement.

I have to admit being impressed. If there was an AMD or core boot model i’d buy one.