Zelda "Navi's Quest" is an Open Source game, nicely-polished

I found a fan-created, unofficial “Legend of Zelda” game:

With a bit of tinkering I got it to work. It’s got roughly Super-Nintendo-era graphics (as in, no 3D, and fairly low resolution).

This should work on Linux laptops roughly 7 years old and newer, I would estimate (but I’m skeptical a Raspberry Pi 4 would be powerful enough to run it - please prove me wrong!)

The game seems as well made as a normal Zelda game would be. It seems to be about rated-G (as in, Family-friendly). This could be a great Indie-style game for your kids! It’s very cute!

Here is a little libSDL-related hack you’ll probably need, to get it to work in Linux:



This game is listed in Lutris, BTW:

Interestingly, they have a similar symlink hack (to get libSDL to work) explained there (for Ubuntu 18.04), however my little symlink hack was for LMDE5/Debian 11 - much newer.