YouTube-dl, Easy options on Linux

So my mum goes to a physical health class and got told by her (fitness coach / class teacher?) to download a exercise routine that was posted on Youtube.

Mum tried to download and naturally she is told she needs to pay every month for the privilege of downloads.

I tell mum that I can download a YouTube video on Linux using YouTube-dl, but unsure what my options are on Windows. Or rather I don’t know which are the tools that will do the job and which are the crapware.

So I download the video and will send it to Mum. All thanks to YouTube-dl.

Not sure if there is Windows version of YouTube-dl but I know the drill with Linux.
Interesting to see how you get to know your way around an alternative OS, then feel a bit out of your depth going back to Windows.
Also an example of when Linux becomes easier to use then Windows.

perhaps your mom can use

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I use yt-dlp via cli as it is much faster. I am not sure if it has a gui. Talking a few minutes of DL and re-encoding versus sometimes hours? You experiences might be different, but that was mine. Been happy since the switch to yt-dlp.

I have a convenient GUI for yt-dlp that OP’s mom could use.

It packs the power of yt-dlp in a GUI for those unable, untrained, uncomfortable or unwilling to use the command line.