Your visual impairment and Linux

As someone who has been dealing with a growing visual impairment issue, I am thankful for having 33% more Jill in the podcast to showcase the success of people with visual issues as well as highlight the need of accessibility options.

I am curious to what others have tweaked for better visibility, what desktop environments they use, the frustration they have on options, etc. What kind of improvements do we need?

Right now, I am running an extended trial run on Pop_os! 22.04. I have done so bug reporting for the first time and feel great getting involved. While Gnome does well to scale to my 4k display, the fonts are still not the best for my eyes. However, in order to tweak them you have to install gnome-tweaks. The option to scale or set font sizes is not in the main system settings. The enlarge fonts is not enough. Right now I have a scaling factor of 1.25 with my fonts all set to 12.

Oh, and to my fellow eye-patch wearers, I salute you.