WPA errors on my netbook

I run Fedora 34 LXQt on a 2015 Asus T100TAF. I’ve previously run Fedora 33 and Lubuntu 20.04 and 20.10. All of them have given me the same issue.

Due to the nature of my house, I often times use my wired PC (Ubuntu 20.04) as a wifi hotspot. Its always worked well for my phone but I haven’t been able to get my little netbook to connect. The netbook never has a problem connecting to wireless routers. After talking with a few people, the general consensus was that it was likely a compatibility issue and there wasn’t anything to be done.

Recently I took the time to get wifi working on an early 2007 macbook pro that also runs Fedora 34 LXQt. I generally keep it wired. The hope was to setup a hotspot for my netbook on the far end of the house. Unfortunately I ran into the same problems, but this time I tried a few different things. I eventually found out that it could connect with either all security off or with wep 40/128-bit key. So it seems that its a problem with wpa/wpa2. It cant even initiate the hotspot when using wpa3.

I checked and I do have wpa_supplicant installed on the netbook. I dont have any of the same troubles when connecting the macbook pro to my main PCs hotspot so I dont think its a linux specific thing. This computer seems WAY too new to not have wpa capabilities. Does anybody have an idea of why this might be happening?

What kind of wireless card is in the Netbook?

its a broadcom 43341. Its wireless n I believe and capable of 2.5/5 bands. It also runs the bluetooth, which was a wild ride to get going.