Wire Guard VPN Installation

Do you want a VPN that is hosted by a machine on your LAN? Well I sure did, but I struggled like crazy to get wireguard up and running.

Why wire guard?
I don’t know, all the big names are talking about it.

Why did I struggle?
Well, a mix of too much information and too little guidance. Long story short, I did get it running and I hope I can help you do the same.

I made documentation in a PDF and have it hosted on FireFox send. That link is good for 100 downloads/7days so get it while it’s hot.

I had an original vision of a cooperative media creation/problem solving approach that didn’t seem to work out for this individual project but will hopefully work out in the future.

Do you want to make a VPN? Have you done one in the past and want to talk about it? As part of my vision, I would like to record an audio file that summarizes the jist of this project. I will be hanging out in mumble in the Destination Linux room this weekend on Saturday from 20-23 central time if people want to hang and talk. I’ll edit down the audio and again modify/reply to this post and link to firefox send with the file.

If you look at my post history, I am interested in making content and solving problems. If like minded individuals from our community want to do the same, let’s chill.


I don’t know why I can’t go back and edit the original post. . . but anyway here is the followup. No one was around in Mumble really tonight so I just did a solo recording.

IT IS NOT GREAT. Made it full stop in like an hour? So didn’t really do post processing much but I just want to see if people are interested in doing stuff like this.
Music credits to Jahzzar on the free music archive