Windows 10 key-logging

It’s being reported in some websites such as Natural News that Windows 10 has built in key-logging software. Does anyone know of more credible or reputable sources reporting the same thing?

The list goes on… if you use BitLocker for full-disk-encryption for example it’ll send Microsoft the key to unlock your drive.

There’s also no way to remove 100% of the telemetry, there’s daemons and startup binaries that’ll put it back in according to deep dives i’ve seen that get way into registry hacks. Microsoft can also add new telemetry at any time.

I installed Win10 back in the day with an open mind, I was so shocked by the terms of use and tower of telemetry I forced myself to move to Linux and the rest is history.


I wonder if this is also true in a corporate enviroment. Right now, i’m typing away on a win10 machine and am asking myself, is this keylogger running?

I should forward this to our dpo… :slight_smile:

I’ve been told that the telemetry isn’t as bad in the Pro and Enterprise editions of Windows 10.

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