Window cant seem to stop shooting themselves in the foot

I cant believe that Windows is letting the most popular CPU maker go down in performance with their newest OS.

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There’s an upside to the article as well. In the comments section, people are talking (negative/positive) about Linux. :smiley:
About windows 11, well, it’s a bug. Bugs can be fixed. I consider windows to be a bug, but that’s my personal opinion. :clown_face:


Funny. I generally refer to windows as malware.

It used to be joke, but they just keep getting closer and closer…


Windows is just another data collection app, but I like the “windows as malware” comment. Right on point.


Maybe Intel paid them off. I guess we’ll see how much by how long this feature stays.

I mean malware often collects data and uses it for nefarious purposes…

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Any time M$, Apple, or for that matter any mega corp get it wrong, they alienate customers, or at least shake their confidence in the brand. Brand loyalty is so dumb (99% of the time anyway) I think it’s good for everyone when they get it wrong. It certainly does Linux no harm.

My nephew’s a passionate gamer and has always spent far too much money on Alienware and similar “gamer” brands - the recent exposé by Gamers Nexus on how horribly and unnecessarily bad the Alienware PC was they reviewed (along with other pre-builts) led to us having our first sensible conversation about DIY PC building on the basis of objective testing of components. I’ve had the same info to share for years - but Dell had to screw up before I was going to be heard.

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I always feel smug having built my own system when watch those pre-built reviews. I actually send a link to the Dell one to my boss and she says our company will stop buying Dells from now on. In favor of HPs. Oh well its sort of progress.

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