Willing to do pro bono Website Development

I’m trying to get started as a freelance web developer and, as a start, I’m willing to do the work pro bono for a limited time (maybe until January). I’ll admit I’m doing this to build a portfolio as I have nothing to show for but I’m committed to treating the work as a real project (following due process, setting expectations, setting a deadline, etc.).

The type of websites I’m willing to work on are simple static websites and landing pages, in other words no backend.

p.s. I’m not sure if this type of job seeking post is allowed and I’ll be fine with it if it ends up getting removed.


This type’s always welcome and godspeed.

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Nothing wrong with doing it free for portfolio; someone wise once said that if you’re doing it free then it has to be your best work, otherwise what is the point.

Great thinking :+1:

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I’m not sure if you still do pro bono work or even if what I’m interested in is simple? But I’ll explain and even if I get turned down, that’s totally fine!

Well, I’m just a teenager working on a project that aims to give a voice to individuals with mental/physical illnesses and disabilities. And after having people fill out a survey asking what they think is the best way to give them a way to tell their story, they decided on a chat-based website where they can communicate with other people going through a shared experience with them of living with a health condition.

So I’ve been looking at making my own website that does this but I’m really stuck/confused. Even if you won’t do it for me, that’s totally fine. But can you please guide me to articles/tips that could help me make this chat based website? I would also like it to include a platform where people can upload pictures/videos etc. Thank you!!!

You’ve probably already thought of this, maybe make contact with some local kids or teen sports teams or perhaps some local charities that may need exposure or updated website.

Another idea, look for some local business that have out-dated sites and give them a fresh new look. Once they’re done, make contact with the owner and see if they like it, if so; they have a nice looking site and if not, it’s something you can show in your portfolio.