Wiki Software Question - Workgroup Collaboration

On a very recent AskNoah show I heard Noah and Steve comment that they were thinking that XWiki might be in their future. I did a search for recent wiki software and I also see that Wiki.js and Bookstack look impressive. I am always attracted to the simplicity of Tiddlywiki, but I need collaboration features.

Actually I am thinking that a very widely-useful and compelling work flow for general collaboration is to have a wiki that has a strong section devoted to “Latest additions” to the wiki, much like Discourse here features the latest posts along with a list of categories.

Most wikis I see, however, tend to focus on presenting tree or narrative of hyperlinks rather than a nice-looking “Recent additions” panel.

Does anyone have experience with Xwiki, WIki.js, Bookstack or other wiki software that they would care to recommend for workgroup collaboration?

I am thinking for example that the way that uses a wiki makes a lot of sense, but I can’t really figure out how they automate their front page to pick up the latest additions in each category. I guess they use mediawiki but I am thinking that’s probably not the way forward (?)

I think part of it was that they were coming from Confluence and XWiki is quite similar to Confluence in lots of ways except it is open source.

Confluence is very popular in business/enterprise and has good multi-user collaboration features.

It is also one of the few wikis that has an import plugin from Confluence.

Personally, I always come back to my trusty Dokuwiki… :sunglasses: :coffee:

Thank you for the info - I have never dealt with Confluence so I will take a look at that

You can try the hosted version for free: Free - Confluence | Atlassian

Up to ten users, I think. They used to have a self-hosted 10 user version for $10 p/year, but they are ending that soon in favour of the hosted version only.

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Maybe this isn’t a good idea, but couldn’t you use Wordpress? I know that the MX Linux project uses that and I think it works out well. Just a thought and maybe a bad idea but I did want to throw it out there.

Bookstack has been great for presenting small amounts of curated material to nontechnical users who are not interested in contributing to said materials.

I use it for presenting Dungeons & Dragons sourcebooks or splatbooks to my players and it works well for that.

(Why don’t I just generate a static site with a git repository and a software like Hugo? I want the option for user editing open but my users aren’t interested or knowledgeable about using Markdown or git.)

It’s a pretty good high floor, low ceiling wiki software. Like it’s name, I only consider using it for a stack of books and not the whole library.

AFAIK They use MediaWiki and the DynamicPageList extension.

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