Wifi help please

Afternoon y’all. I recently moved. At the old place my desktop had a physical connection to the router. At the new place that isn’t practical since I don’t own it. I had an old DLink wifi dongle to connect the desktop and it works sometimes but about half the time it doesn’t. The desktop is a red machine running an Asus motherboard and the router is Asus too. I have an Asus dongle but it’s not even detected by the system. The OS is Kubuntu 19.10.

Does anyone have any recommendations for packages to install to help connectivity or failing that any suggestions for a new wifi dongle that plays well with Linux preferably on the cheaper side?


I’d try using it in different USB ports. You can check the D-Link site with your model# for Linux drivers but that’s a long shot.

Here’s a list of devices certified by Respect Your Freedom:

Wireless Adapters | RYF

Here’s a list of wireless devices officially supported by Ubuntu:

WifiDocs/WirelessCardsSupported - Community Help Wiki

If you want more options that are plug & play here’s a list of which wireless chip drivers are built into the kernel. You can either duckduck the chip name appending " USB" to see which products show up or if you’re recommended one you can check which chip is in it and compare to the list. A bit hard searching for products by chip though. :slight_smile:

en:users:drivers [Linux Wireless]

Sadly I don’t have a recommendation as I don’t use USB wifi.


I’ll take a look at those. I suppose there’s no reason to also not look at pci wifi too. Thanks

I’ve had very mixed success with DLink wifi dongles over the years. No matter the OS. I would first try moving it to a different USB port on your desktop and see if that fixes any of the stability issues.

Then I would follow [Ulfnic]'s advice and get someone from the ‘respect your freedom’ list.