Wifi help on new laptop

I thought we were past this, but apparently not! I bought this little notebook to replace a dead Chromebook. Got it, installed Kubuntu, everything works great except the Wifi. Network Manager shows it on, but doesn’t show any networks. sudo lshw -C network shows me an EC25-AF by Quectal, but lists it as *-usb:0 DISABLED and the description for is interface and later has logical name: wwan0

I can get the network to work with a USB-ethernet adapter, but obviously would like the WiFi to work. rfkill list all doesn’t show anything.

Sounds like the USB port is off, and therefore it isn’t able to look for networks.

Quick Edit: Looks like someone else had a similar problem and linked to this GitHub repository but I’m not sure I follow those instructions exactly.

Edit: OK, this worked. Takes a while to make but it does indeed come right up.

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Revisiting this topic - is there a way to make this stay on reboot. The instructions claim it will work following a reboot but that has not been my experience.