Who knows about Tesla GPUs?

Tesla GPUs have recently come across my radar. These are older high performance GPUs designed for data centers. One that has caught my eye is the Nvidia Tesla K80.

  • Dual Processors
  • 4992 Cores
  • 24 GB of GDDR5 memory
  • 384 bit bus

The user benchmarks put this card in same category as the Nvidia 2060. There is a limited use application for the K80 as it doesn’t have any video connections (think headless server). But it can be installed next to a card that does.

The K80 had an original MSRP of $5,000. I bought one for $60 on Ebay.

Anyone else here using a K80? or another one of the Tesla GPUs?

You can run a gpu without a display output port. I remember Linus did this with some AMD/Nvidia Crypto cards.