Which simple-to-use, polished, GUI desktop apps, which aren't too large, would you like to see included in all default Desktop Linux installs (but are not)?

I’ll go first:

  • Linux Mint’s Warpinator would be a great little utility that I think they should all include.
  • zstd compression/decompression support in whatever GUI-based archiving utility (such as Gnome’s “Archive Manager”) should also be included. Note: This isn’t a GUI app unto itself, but rather is the inclusion of a zstd-related package/library which Archive Manager makes use of behind the scenes to add the .zst support.

I would probably say KDE Connect. It’s just a great multi-functional tool to interact between phone and PC.

PS: I also think git should be on every install. :stuck_out_tongue:


Is there a git GUI frontend to git that you’d recommend? I’m moreso wanting to know about polished GUI apps here.

I don’t use GUI’s for git, so don’t have any to recommend. I use CLI interface for git. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, me too. git is one of the few tools in my regular, recurring workflow (as opposed to one-off, random usage) that I use on the command line.

mousepad. It’s the only basic text editor that doesn’t try to be more than it’s supposed to be while still packing advanced features if you want them like multi-tab support, multi-line tabbing, line numbers, ect.

If i’d sneak in a bigger one. Krita should replace GIMP in all distros that ship a default graphics editor. It is not a different tool for a different job. It is simply a better tool.


If I interpret the question the way I believe it was meant to be interpreted, I’d probably pick mc, git, rhythmbox, lutris, okular and thunderbird

If I interpret this question exactly as written without thinking about it, I’d probably pick iTunes.

krita should probably replace gimp as the go to image program, agreed.

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I also forgot to suggest:

  • the “foliate” ebook reader app. Very sensible! 10x simpler than Calibre, BTW.
  • also, goldendict (a dictionary app), along with the gcide offline English dictionary (in the dict-gcide package)
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I have to dig into Foliate.

I vote for “Burgerspace” as being a default-installed, very-small game (< 1 MB!), which would be about 100x more fun than, say, solitaire or minesweeper:

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I’ll nominate notepad++. Also 7-zip.

Man I miss Notepad++! I’ve had it running in Wine before but the fonts never look quite right and there’s some rough edges. I’d be overjoyed with a Linux port, from my experience only mousepad has come close to the same ease of “replace all of X text in all open documents”. It’s a wierd quirk that it’s so difficult in Sublime/Atom/ect.

There’s a Linux spin-off named notepadqq that looks almost exactly the same but there’s a lot of missing features.

I particularly appreciate the plugins for json pretty print in Notepad++ and to a lesser extent the xml plugins.

@esbeeb I hadn’t heard of Foliate. Really nice looking app.

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None, as I prefer the minimalist approach.

The fewer apps installed, the fewer security issues/patches. I spend too much time looking for apps that I don’t use that can be removed. It would be much easier to choose the apps that I do want installed as opposed to searching for what can be removed. But, I realize that this method is not the best for everyone.

Ok, if I had to pick one it would be Terminator, lol.

Fluent rss reader.