Which Distro should I use

I am currently on Arch and have used a bunch of Distros in my long past of being a Linux user but I am torn between staying on Arch or going to what might become to the future of Linux being Silverblue. What say you on your thoughts? Feel free to comment after voting. TIA

  • Fedora Silverblue
  • Arch

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Personally I don’t want to containerise all my desktop things, and looking at the Silverblue page it’s not seen any news since April, which doesn’t scream activity to me (even if it’s active elsewhere). I vote for option 3 :slight_smile:

BTW I don’t use Arch.

SIlverblue isn’t a great desktop experience IMO. All the reasons you’d want a OSTree based system as a kiosk or durable system make it a bit of a pain to deal with for casual desktop use. I’m sure some people are fine dealing with this approach but I found it cumbersome and ultimately pointless for my daily use.

If you are interested in Fedora, the just download the regular Gnome version. However, if you still interested, look at this video.


I ended up deciding to bite the bullet and give it a try :smiley: so far im liking it


Luckily I have “Bastard Laptops” that I distro/desktop/WM hop on that don’t affect my main machines. I may give it a try myself, although Timeshift replaces any reason that I would use it other than to experience it and curiosity.

So are you still using Fedora Silverblue? What’s your thoughts on it?

I saw a post by a SUSE developer about doing something similar, but pairing containers with transactional updates instead of OSTree. It isn’t usable yet, but I’m personally quite interested in the future of such a system.