Where will the Megafest be streamed?

I might be blind, deaf or maybe both :joy:

I can’t figure out where we are going to meet up at the Megafest?

Are the stream/event on YouTube, Discord or Twitch?

Where do I meet up so i don’t miss out on the party?:grinning:

Just for you or anyone else interested:

Localized time: 2021-08-22T20:00:00Z

You’ll need Jitsi, download here: Download | Jitsi

Extremely easy to use but it’s recommended to get it installed and play with it a bit first. Test your mic, ect.

Link/room name should be posted on the Forum and/or Matrix Chat prior to the event.

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We will be using Jitsi. The link to join us will be posted here on Discourse right before 3pm EST start.


I cannot get Jitsi to install! :frowning: I added the repo and sudo apt install jitsi-meet…after that it asked if i wanted to self-sign … then it errors saying system problem send report?

Jitsi also works in a web browser…I’ve been using it that way for DLN.

how? just go to a link??

Yes, after they’re done recording the live show (which you can watch right now at dlnlive.com or YouTube, in case you aren’t already), they’ll post a link for the Jitsi session. Just click on that and it should work in your browser.

thanks! :slight_smile: :slight_smile::slight_smile: