Where to add boot up batch jobs

I have a new install of Arch, the Arch way going, and my network doesn’t start at boot up. It is a systemd question. How do I permanently add the wpa_supplicant commands so it runs at boot time, later in the boot process? Haven’t done this for a long time, since the sysvinit level days, can I get an update?

You create a systemd service of type “oneshot”, create a shell script with your desired wpa_supplicant commands and point the service at it. In the configuration file for your service you’ll specify at what point in the boot process it should fire using a “Requires” paramater.

I was going to get into describing this myself, but I ran into this answer on stackexchange:

If I understand your intended usage, the detailed example given in the #1 answer is precisely what you want to do.

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