What Text Editors Can I Use for Writing With BBCode?


I am about to start writing a rather long document that will eventually be published in a forum using BBCode. I can’t seem to find any applications that will WYSIWYG BBCode and help with making the coding correct (show me what I have done so I can easily fix format and such).

I’ve found some things that appear to just be windows on a web page that you can type your document into but I am looking for something local that I can save and come back to as I write, research, edit and re-edit.

I assume there must be a text editor with a BBCode plugin or an add on for LibreOffice or something that I am just not using the right keywords to find.

Any thought or suggestions welcomed. Thank you!

There seems to be a BBCode major mode for Emacs available in MELPA. It provides syntax highlighting and keybindings for inserting tags, but doesn’t seem to do much else. No WYSIWYG features afaik.

If you only need to publish the document in BBCode, it could be possible to write it in some other markup language in your preferred editor and finally translate the result into BBCode document.

Thank you for your response. I ended up searching for “bbcode plugin” and stumbled upon one for LibreOffice Write. I installed it and started on my opus. I haven’t actually tried to see what it outputs yet, I have been writing. I’ll do that now.

It kind of works: You highlight the text in the document you want converted and select “Tools”: “Add-Ons”: “BBcode”. It opens a little (unscalable) window with the formatting converted to BBcode.

You then need to copy and paste it into something that renders the code. I did that here using this dialog and it rendered somewhat correctly: The color tags did not render. I suppose it will vary by implementation.

I would like it if I could find something that I can run locally to check the document without having to do it through the keyhole that is the interface on the forum. I suppose the important thing is I have started the document. It’s going to be a loong one. With footnotes.

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