What lens type to buy with my first Camera Body (A Camera Guru Question)

Wendy (or the DLN Community):

Now that I know what camera body I intend on buying (a Sony a6400 or a6500) what should be my starter lens? Sony’s website shows the 16-50 mm & 18-135 mm Power Zoom Lens’s paired with the camera body. Still other websites, such as Amazon, offer other options like the 55-210mm Lens, 18-105mm Lens, a 50mm Lens, and a 35mm Lens. There are so many Lens options…what is a novice who only takes pictures and video on his smartphone to choose??

I want my first Lens to be a good “All-Rounder” that can handle the same Zoom levels as my iPhone but also takes great 4K Video. I’m not in need of some ginormously-long lens used for espionage work from a window pointed at unsuspecting targets or for National Geographic birds; however, I don’t want a Lens so basic it leaves me wanting to upgrade it after a month of owning my camera.

I am aware that (most) Sony’s, like Canon’s, have the Auto Focus in the Lens versus the body. I have seen this critique of anything under the a6600. I am completely fine with the AF sensor being in the Lens if it makes my purchase more affordable. I am simply looking for some place to start.

Thanks in advance for the insights.


Restless Nomad