What is a trustworthy source for a GIMP PPA?

I’m running Ubuntu Studio 20.04
Linux desktop 5.4.0-113-lowlatency #127-Ubuntu

Moving to Ubuntu Studio 22.04 is a few months out for me.

I want to install the latest GIMP through the traditional way of using .deb. To do so, I need to include a PPA for the latest stable release. I can’t seem to find the URL for the PPA on GIMP’s official site. However, there are a few places that offer the PPA, but I’m resistant to adding a PPA just because it is being offered.

Do any of you know a trustworthy site that is offering the latest stable version of GIMP (2.10.30) PPA?

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This is kind of a chicken or the egg problem right because what comes first the PPA or the trust?

From what I can tell, there is no official PPA and the popular one from years past is closed.

Most of my searches lead me to the “Panda Jim” PPA.

So do you trust the PPA run by Rando Calrissian or do you take the leap early to 22.04 and get your package from the distribution’s repository or do you just use the flatpak or do you do you build it yourself or do you make do?

I’d build the package for you but I’m also a random internet person.

A conundrum for sure.

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LOL. Okay, Random Internet Person. I don’t like the acronym of that (RIP).

I too saw this “ubuntuhandbook1” PPA. TBH, the naming gave me pause.

I’ll probably just carve out some time and build it myself. I have decided to build a new desktop for my foray into 22.04 land. But I have so many projects running now that I’m just merely spending my time drooling over at pcpartpicker.com and will tackle the actual build in the summer. So, it’s close enough to wait – but far enough away to wait painfully – or at least marked with anticipation.

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