What are the biggest Linux GNews topics of year in 2019?

Hey everyone,

I’ve decided that This Week in Linux is going to have a end of the year episode where we look back at the biggest topics of the year and do some follow ups about the topics and see what has changed since the news came out.

I also wanted to make this a collaborative thing for the whole DLN community so if you would like to participate please reply below with the topics you want me to discuss in the episode and any info/feedback etc about this idea. :slight_smile:

This is going to be so much fun! I can’t wait for the first ever installment of “This Year in Linux”! :smiley:

so . . . what are the biggest Linux GNews topics of year in 2019?

also going to do a similar thing for end of the Decade since that’s the first time that’s happened since I started making content. go to the This Decade in Linux thread


Here are some of the big ones for me:

  • Proton
  • Pine64 (pretty much everything they’re doing and releasing)
  • System76 making their own machines
  • AMD’s complete turn-around and domination
  • Endeavour OS and Antergos shut down
  • Michael buys a $9 stool
  • Firefox suite of privacy improvements
  • Ubuntu nearly deleting 32 bit support entirely
  • Pop_OS! Being the hero AMD users needed in Linux

^^^ I would echo what @dasgeek said, except, maybe the stool comment. That’s really old news now.

I would add DLN for the win !!!

Other honorable mentions:
-Linus no longer a developer.
-KDE ( almost ) as light on resources as Xfce.
-Not directly Linux related, but Guido van Rossum, the creator of Python steps down. Says he’s tired of all of the in-fighting within the project and that he’s had enough.


You forgot Michael coming out as a filthy dual booter, but the RMS stuff was pretty big.


Not sure if this is big, but: Manjaro Linux goes commercial

  • The rise of DLN



Martin Wimpress becomes the head of the Ubuntu Desktop team. Because Ubuntu MATE is awesome.


Also the Manjaro LibreOffice vs FreeOffice choice debate from last August.


Everything from above and:

Richard Stallman resigning from FSF and MIT (plus the antics involved leading up to it)
Coreboot on System76 laptops

… $9 stool.


Not necessarily news but probably the most impactful thing on a day to day basis for me was Optimus support in the NVIDIA 435 driver. Life has been much better since then.

Other than that, the improvements in KDE Plasma and GNOME this year have been pretty fantastic.

I’m sure there are tons of things that I’m forgetting but when I think of everyday life with Linux, those are the things that immediately come to mind.


Some overlap here with previous comments:

I have to say the Pinebook Pro seems to me to be the most exciting product of the year.

I think Debian 10 with Gnome under Wayland as default is huge in my opinion, given for how long we’ve been reliant on X and the number of problems Wayland addresses.

I also think the Glimpse fork of GNU Image Manipulation Package is big news given how established the tool is that is being forked.

I’ll probably keep adding things as they pop into my head. I think CentOS Stream is huge news too!